Monday, September 14, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: NFL Week 1

What a painful one day weekend that was (I had to work on Saturday.) Stress over wedding coordination (all aspects) is mounting, I feel less than recharged from the weekend, and I got to watch the Bears lose a completely winnable game (come to find out Brian Urlacher is most likely done for the year with a dislocated wrist.)

- Watched a little College Football. Oklahoma State getting beat by the Houston Cougars and UCLA beating Tennessee were the two biggest shocks of the weekend, in my opinion. I can already feel my interest going out the window, but I'm trying to stick with it. It was easy last week when there was no real NFL games, but now...

- There are real NFL games! The games I saw consisted of Minnesota/Cleveland, Denver/Cincinnati, Niners/Cardinals, and Packers/Bears. I was wildly impressed with Adrian Peterson- that guy is a stud. Brett Favre was annoying and underwhelming. No one impressed me in the Broncos/Bengals game. It's almost a waste that the game ended with a fluke 87 yard touchdown pass from Kyle Orton to Brandon Stokely because neither team deserved to win that game. Shaun Hill improved his record as a starter to 8-3, and no one can figure out why. And then there are my beloved Bears...

- Jay Cutler's debut did not go quite like the Chicago Faithful would have hoped. 3 of his 4 interceptions had massive impact on the game. First, there was his interception near the goal line on a lazy screen pass. True, defensive lineman John Jolley (horrible name) made a fantastic play to grab it, but Cutler could have made a better decision at that moment. The next impactful interception was down field and was returned to the 1 yard line. Following a failed challenge, the Packer put it in the end zone for 6, giving them a 10-2 lead at the half.

Cutler's last pass of the game was also horrid. True the receiver took a bad route making it easier for Charles Woodsen to jump the pass and intercept it, but Cutler could have made a better pass in that situation. Let's say Cutler played about as bad as possible and still ended up with 277 yard passing. I can see potential in that, but I'm going to be skeptical until he realizes his potential fully.

I also would argue that the Bears' biggest mistake was not on the shoulders of Cutler. It was on long snapper Patrick Mannelly. On 4th and 11, with a 12-10 lead, this guy decides to direct snap it to Garrett Wolfe because Mannelly thought the Packers had 12 men on the field. This seems to me like a horrible decision. Best and least likely scenario, Wolfe runs and gets a first down. I'd give that a 1% chance success rate (or less) given the fact that Wolfe himself was not prepared for to receive the ball. All other outcomes go from neutral (there actually is a penalty and the Bears re-kick) to mind-numbingly horrible (the actual outcome of giving the ball to the Packers so that they are already in field goal range.) Add in a failed challenge by Lovie Smith, and you have the makings of a massive shit sundae, with a cherry on top.

It was a pretty awful way to end my one day weekend. Hopefully next week against the Steelers goes better. Oh, wait. Probably not.


GMoney said...

Yeah, the Bears season may be over before it really got going. You lost two LB's and it appears that they have the worst poise in the league. One man golf-clapping would confuse Jay Cutler.

49ers, baby!!!

Tony B. said...

I thought Cutler did an ok job on the drive that got the Bears up 15-13, but it definitely wasn't pretty overall.

The Niner's defense looked great. I still am not sure how seriously I can take them, though.

GMoney said...

Shaun Hill will make you a believer!!!

Every single interception that the pouter threw was awful and reeked of ego. He winged those bastards around because he is a moron who thinks that he can make every throw. He is a few more games like that away from being compared to Rex Grossman. Because his performance last night was Grossman-esque even if it did lack Rex's "fuck it, I'm throwing it deep" demeanor.

Tony B. said...

It's funny, I was thinking about Cutler vs. Grossman during the game. I think Cutler was trying too hard and throwing it into coverage instead of throwing it away. His interception that got returned to the one is the best example of that.

But you're right, Sex Rexy had a strong arm and horrible decision making, which is exactly the same as what Cutler showed last night.

That being said, I'm not off the Cutler bandwagon just yet.

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