Friday, September 18, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Failure

The week is not over, but we're in the first round of playoffs for the Pete Rose Gambling All-Stars league, and my 1st place team is getting annihilated. I clinched a playoff spot about 5 weeks ago, and I'm not sure if I rested on my laurels, or if my guys all of a sudden suck, but this is just embarrassing. This is not the dominant 17-6 team that I've witnessed all year.

Right now I'm losing 164 to 83.67. Ouch, right? My one good thing is that King Felix Hernandez and Chris Carpenter still have starts this week, so that may help me to make up ground. How about my other players? Well, the weakness starts and ends with my pitching:

Brian Wilson - Hasn't even pitched this week, let alone to get a save.
John Papelbon - Has 1 point. No save opportunities.
Andy Pettitte - Scratched from his start. He's not pitching this week (although it's weekly line-up changes so I can't take him out.)
Derek Lowe - Injured during his start and got me 0.5 points.
My highest scoring pitcher this week? Kevin Correia. Yep. This is bad.

My hitting is doing a bit better, but there are still holes.

Todd Helton - -2 points on the week.
Ryan Zimmerman - 0 points this week.
Miguel Tejada - Rocking 5 points so far.

So after a year of absolute domination, my team is most likely going to choke it away in the playoffs. No payout whatsoever.

I love to rub a little Bears-win-dirt on the open wound my Fantasy Baseball team has created. Enjoy football this weekend because baseball season has officially been a bust.

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