Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Head Coaching Changes In the NFL

I'm going to predict three coaching changes in the NFL that I think will happen before next season. I'd make a fourth, but I have no idea who the hell is going to want to coach in Cleveland once they get rid of the "Man-genius" running up huge catering bills and not winning any ball games.

1. Mike Shanahan to the Washington Redskins. Jim Zorn is done as head coach of the Redskins. The loss to the Lions this week was the final straw. The change might happen in a couple weeks, months, or it could happen by the time this blog entry is published making my post somewhat silly. If that happens, then I don't believe Shanahan will come in immediately. I have a feeling they will stick some poor schmuck in to finish the season, then hire Shanahan in the offseason. The one kink could be if the Cowboys decide to go hard after Shanahan, and then he'll have to decide which crazy owner he would hate to work for the least. That leads me to my next prediction...

2. John Gruden to the Dallas Cowboys. Is it just me or has Wade Phillips been a lame duck coach for three years now? This will finally be the year when he gets canned, and Jerry Jones will go after John Gruden because he will have enjoyed Gruden's Monday Night Football commentary. It's easy to sound like a smart guy, but much harder to actually coach a team. Jerry likes high profile, so that's why Gruden is a perfect fit. Plus, Gruden has already dealt with crazy Al Davis, so dealing with Jerry's botoxed face is right up his alley.

3. Bill Cowher to the Carolina Pathers. I feel a bit bad for John Fox. He's been such a good coach, and will probably get a job somewhere else soon, but Cowher is too a big name for the Panthers to pass on. Cowher showed his love for the Carolina Hurricanes right in the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins:

So we know he'd love to go to Carolina. He's a couple years out of coaching, refreshed and ready to go!

Those are my predictions. Who knows if they will happen, but with teams playing horribly and big name coaches out there, we know there will be changes.


Rae said...

Mike Shanahan can kiss my ass. And so can Cutler for that matter.

And I'm not sobbing on the inside when I say these things.

Tony B. said...

Sure you're not.

You can thank the Broncos owner for burning those bridges. I'm fairly certain Shanahan and Cutler were content to continue being the Broncos coach/QB for years to come.

GMoney said...

Shanahan has apparently expressed some interest in going to DC. His orange skin would be a welcomed change.

You're wrong about the Cowboys. Jerry Jones likes big names on the field, he wants "yes men" as his coach. HE runs that team. Not Jimmie Johnson or Bill Parcells. There is no way that he hires someone with an ego. He will promote that redheaded bitch, Jason Garrett, so that he can continue to tell everyone that the Cowboys are his team.

By the way, Gruden is freaking awful in the booth.

Tony B. said...

I finally got a chance to listen to his commentary last night, and you're a right- Gruden is pretty bad.

You could be right about the Cowboys coaching situation. I just think that Jerry is lured by the big names initially, then tires of them later (he still hired Bill Parcells even after dealing with Jimmie Johnson.)