Friday, September 4, 2009

Live Band Karaoke

Another successful edition of Live Band Karaoke happened last night. This one was made more successful by the fact that it was my first time on stage with an electric guitar since high school. I was actually pretty nervous as showtime became closer. Here were the highlights:

- My amp and effects pedals are by Line 6. I clearly have no idea how to harness the power of Line 6 equipment. However, the people at Line 6 also decided to make their preset effects VERY treble-y. I tried my best to get two decent tones (clean and distorted) and I think it ended up sounding alright. If I decide to go electric again anytime soon, I'm going to have to improve the effect presets- and that my friends, will take a large time commitment.

- Fun: A drunk guy who clearly was the only one at the G St Pub who liked the sound of his own voice, was screaming "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer. While I was playing, I thought, "say it ain't so that I have to listen to this fool." Then he slipped and did a trust fall to the wooden floor below the stage. Awesome! He dusted himself off and was fine. After the song was over, our drummer told him, "Hey man! Nice stage dive!" I don't think the drunk guy realized our drummer was joking.

- Not Fun: We played "Santeria" by Sublime 3 F-ING TIMES LAST NIGHT! It was awful. We had to make an announcement that our band would physically fight the next person who requested to sing it.

- In fairness, we always have veto power, but then again, we were sure we knew how to play "Santeria" so I suppose we acquiesced in an easier fashion than we should have.

- Fun: I actually had fun playing "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran. I knew the chords. Easy guitar riff. I got to sing back on the "Do do do do do do do do do do" part. It was all good! (Feel free to question my manhood anytime now.)

- Not Fun: No one requested Danzig. I practiced for nothing! I was looking forward to that one, and it didn't happen. I felt like LeGarrette Blount, except I'm not an idiot so I didn't punch anyone in the face.

- Fun: Our first set brought about a number of talented singers. I thought our first set really sounded great.

- Not Fun: After that, the singers were subpar (at best) and I can't imagine it sounded great to the people in the crowd. Then again, were the singers bad because they were that much more drunk (and inherently the crowd was drunker as well) or were they just bad singers?

- Last, a shout out to the guys who came up to freestyle rap on stage. You both reminded me of THIS GUY [video: My New Haircut], and just so we're clear that's not a good thing. I felt sleezy for participating in your freestyle jam, even if my participation was limited to playing the E7#9 chord over and over. Popped collars and Ed Hardy shirts are not cool- The More You Know.

Overall, I thought we had a successful night, and I'm happy to say it was a lot of fun. Anyone who hasn't come out to a Live Band Karaoke should definitely try to make it. We're in search of people who can sing.


GMoney said...

Do you guys have a name? Why would you even play a song twice? Practicing your Danzig licks is never a waste of time.

Tony B. said...

Ya know, we don't really have a name. I think we've been called the Blumpkins before I joined the band, but we're going to have to change that for obvious reasons.

We normally wouldn't play a song twice, but last night our regular guitar player wasn't there, and the guy who does the list wasn't there, so it was a bit chaotic.

I would not be opposed to playing Danzig twice.