Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Predictions (Part 1)

"Hey Greg Olson, either this drink is strong or I've just decided to make a fart noise! Let's win our division this year!"

"No problem, Jay Cutler. This picture we just took might be embarrassing, but at least you don't look like a bearded hobo like each and every one of Kyle Orton's drunk photos!"

I'm not quite sure how different or crazy these predictions are, but I might have a few gems (or potential grease fires) but either way- let's do this!



1) Chicago Bears - This is definitely a homer pick, but let's just agree to let me enjoy our new franchise QB, OK? If he proves that he was a bad acquisition by season's end, then I'll own up to me being blinded by his rocket arm and flippant attitude in press conferences (which I find hilarious.) I actually think the Bears' defense is a bigger question mark than the offense. They'll be fine if they defend.

2) Green Bay Packers - These guys are good. They'll be a challenge for the Bears. I'm not sure who gets the advantage in their Week 1 Sunday Night Football game, but I suppose I'd prefer this game to be a few weeks into the season. As it stands, the Packers offense is very good and their defense should be as well (though they may have some growing pains transitioning to Dom Capers' 3-4 D.)

3) Minnesota Vikings - How I wish I could put the Lions at this spot. In the end, I can pick that because of Adrian Peterson. Brett Favre may be ok to start, but this team is ready to tear apart at the seams. Their defense could win them a couple games, but their offense might lose a couple for them as well.

4) Detroit Lions - You'll have your day... someday. Matthew Stafford needs to grow, and Calvin Johnson is a savage. That's about it.


1) Seattle Seahawks - I'm not picking the Rams, or the Niners, or the Super Bowl hangover-prone Cardinals. That leaves only one team left. I hate having to make this pick.

2) Arizona Cardinals - Could be good, could be bad. Best case scenario, the farthest they'll go is the first round of the playoffs.

3) San Francisco 49ers - I like their coach, but I don't much else about this team. I could see them go 8-8, but I could also see 5-11.

4) St. Louis Rams - Wasted letters typed...


1) New Orleans Saints - They have an explosive offense, and their defense looks improved. Drew Brees is an absolute savage.

2) Atlanta Falcons - They'll come back to Earth a bit this year, but they still have Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and the recently added Tony Gonzales. Damn, after typing that maybe I should rethink my prediction...

3) Carolina Pathers - This team always overachieves, but I'm not sure Jake Delhomme has enough left to lead them toward a playoff charge. I really like their tandem of running backs and Steve Smith is still as talented a receiver as there is in the game.

4) Tampa Bay Bucs - They should have to wear the original orange/white/red uniforms this year because they will be that bad.


1) Philadelpia Eagles - I honestly just spent a few seconds thinking about this division and I can see it going any which way. I'm going with the Eagles because they should have an explosive offense, and their defense will still be good. This division has been the most difficult to predict.

2) NY Giants - I don't like Eli, especially not as the richest QB in the land, but the Giants have a great defense and excellent running game that will balance out Eli's lack of consistency.

3) Washington Redskins - Their defense is probably the best in the division, but I have no faith in Jason Campbell. I have a feeling 'Skins fans are still wondering if he'll be the franchise QB that they want him to be. It feels a bit like when I wanted Rex Grossman to finally step up and be the gunslinger he was touted to become. That day never came, and I don't think Campbell's day will either.

4) Dallas Cowboys - Are they better without T.O.? Maybe. Would I bet on it? No chance, No chance in hell!

WC Round: Packers over Seahawks, Giants over Saints
Divisional Round: Bears over Giants, Eagles over Packers
Conference Championship: Eagles over Bears (I can't always pick the Bears, right?!)

If nothing else, this is a plausible scenario, and I'm trying to be as unbias as I can.

The AFC predictions will be along later...


GMoney said...

I would rather you be a homer than to buy into the Eagles hype machine. What makes you think that McNabb is finally ready to be a Super Bowl QB??? He is no Doug Williams.

Tony B. said...

Haha! He already is a Super Bowl QB, isn't he? (a losing one, but he got there.)

Their receiver group is better, their defense great and possibly extra motivated due to Jim Johnson's death, and Vick could be a nice addition (or a negative force.)

Let's be honest, I don't want them to get that far, but I'm tired of picking the Cubs/Bears/Bulls to go all the way and look like a stupid homer.

PS: I hate your pick of the Packers as much as you hate my Eagles pick.