Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post #300

This is post #300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've laughed, we've cried, and we've shared some moments. And don't worry, the fun is continuing on, but I think it's time to take a look back on what this blog has become.

Back when I started this blog in February of 2008, I had occasionally written on my Myspace profile blog, but it was never that consistent. A few posts here, a few posts there, mostly pertaining to music because I am, of course, a musician. Then I started this site, and initially was in to it, then was wildly inconsistent about posting. After realizing that there was no point to even having this site unless I was going to commit to posting daily, I began the habit of making sure something was up every week day.

Since then, I feel very good about the direction this conjunction junction has gone. I know it's not as focused as most good blogs (I suppose sports and music would be the two main topics, but I'll write about anything if the mood strikes.) I am very aware that there are improvements to be made, but overall I stand by the current, consistent work I've been putting into this site.

So I'd like to present the post #300 awards. There are really no rules, or categories to these awards- they can go to commenters, subjects of posts, or really anything to deserves one.

- Best Comment (That I Can Remember) - This one goes to G$. It only makes sense since he is the most consistent commenter (damn near every day- impressive!) The specific comment is from Tuesday August 25, 2009. I mentioned that I saw Tonic and that they had a woman signing the whole show for the benefit of the deaf people in the crowd. I was confused about how fun a concert would be for a deaf person (I've since been told that it is enjoyable because it is exhilirating for them to feel the beat in their chest/body, but I digress.) G$'s comment was, "Deaf people were there in force because the blind were offended and refused to go. "If You Could Only See" is a slap in the face to them. That was a joke!!!" Excellent work G$. I still think it's crazy that we're back in communication after not seeing/speaking since my family moved away from Northwest Ohio in 4th grade. Love that internet. (For anyone unaware, G$ runs a dominant blog HERE. It's an excellent read.)

- Best Logo Taken From The Internet - THIS LOGO IS HILARIOUS. I know it's because I'm a Bears fan that I find this hilarious, and I did once cheer Sexy Rexy on, but I seriously would not mind owning a T-shirt with this logo on it. You gotta unleash the dragon!

- Subject I Hate The Most, But Love To Rant About - The douche from the gym. This was an easy one. This guy deserves a shout out just for how much I hate him. I'm not sure guys like this should be jailed, but I would be pro-castration for them. At least it would lower the cases of unsolved sexual assault.

- Worst Music I've Ever Mentioned - Nickelback. By far the worst/least talented band to ever sell millions of records. They are dumbing down our society. Nice export, Canada. You should be more careful about what products you send to America- you never know what we're capable of...

- Best Commenter Idea - Clarkster gets the nod for coming up with the Top Ten idea. I don't always write Top Ten lists, but I will admit that it helped me to get in the habit of writing every day, which has ultimately improved the blog. Thanks man.

- Best Commenter Appearence In a Video - I can't find it at the moment, but I absolutely loved Rae's less than sober appearence on the NFL Network's coverage of the 2009 Draft. After Michael Crabtree was drafted she is shown jubulantly celebrating with other 49er fans. At the time, I totally understood, but now the video becomes even funnier due to Crabtree's holdout. He will likely never wear the red and gold, and it makes Rae's celebration a priceless Mastercard moment. I've got to find that video...

UPDATE: I FOUND THE LINK! Check out 1:54 on the video. Excellent work Rae! You're whooping it up like a member of Arsenio Hall's audience back in the early 90's!

- Most Touching Love Story - This blog is not always about sports and music, sometimes I give you a glimpse into my personal life, so this one goes out the Engagment Story blog. That plan was formulated and excuted within a day (though the ring was bought the week before) and it could not have turned out any better.

- The Single Rider Lifetime Acheivement Award - THIS GUY was the weirdest guy I've ever talked to (correction, weirdest guy who ever talked to me), ever. He deserves some award because I have a feeling he is starved for attention at home. Continue to single ride Disneyland rides you Lone Ranger you. Also, I don't mean to bring you to rock bottom, but no one enjoys your Mickey Mouse impression. No one. Your wife might stab you in the neck the next time you do it, unless of course she does a mean Sebastian the crab from "The Little Mermaid."

Thanks to everyone for reading (I know there are more of you who read, but don't comment, and we'll have to work on that...) It's been fun and it will continue on for another 300 posts (hopefully.) I'll see if I can get any filler posts while I'm away from my honeymoon, but otherwise I'll be out from October 5 - 13 or 14. I'll be back re-energized and ready to roll!


Clarkster said...

Hey Tony I have really enjoyed reading this blog sorry i don't comment more but just know that it's a lot of fun to read. glad you liked the top ten idea i'm still waiting for top ten cereal's

Tony B. said...

Haha, considering I ate Crispix this morning, I might not be the best judge on breakfast cereals.

Thanks for reading Clarkster!

GMoney said...

Oh shit, that's right. Big weekend for you. Best of luck with that and with the continued postings here.

1a. Golden Grahams
1b. Apple Jacks

End of list.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$- and a Happy B-day to you. I'm with you on Golden Grahams. That is the best cereal ever.

Jack O'Neill said...

Good post Tone. I was able to catch up on some blog posts that I haven't read yet. Keep them coming!
P.S. I wonder if the Lions can get back-to-back wins?

Tony B. said...

Hey Jack- thanks commenting!

To answer you question, no. The Lions will not be winning back-to-back games. The Bears will destroy the Lions as a wedding present to me. It will be very thoughtful.

Rae said...

I hate you! That was a private moment between me, Crabtree and all of

just before that clip we were all chanting "The Raiders gave us Crabs."

I'm all class, baby.

Tony B. said...

And that is why you win awards, young lady.

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