Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sacramento Men's League Basketball

Well, we had our first game last night and the results were not up to par. In fact, I may end up running a few liners tonight to pay for missing a free throw near the end of the game.

Our opponents, "Sons of Kemp," were not the most athletic bunch, but they did have a couple guys who could shoot. While I would not have said that after the first half when we were up 18 points, I would definitely say that after non-athlete #37 drained 6 threes in a row. I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating because it felt like he hit 15 in a row. This small hairy white guy was shooting like Craig Hodges (love the Craig Hodges reference, don't you?)

We still had multiple chances to win, and it didn't happen. Missed free throws and missed opportunities were a common theme near the end. Eventually the game was tied 70-70 with .9 seconds left. They were taking the ball out under our basket. After throwing the ball the length of the court, the ref (you know, not the one next to the play, but the one on the other side of the gym) called a foul on us. After missing the first free throw, their most athletic player #30, hit the second shot for the win.

There is no way we should have lost the game, but we became run down and stopped giving the same effort that we did in the first half. Hopefully, everyone used this game to shake the rust off, and we'll play better next week (if I had to predict, I'd say we will.)

Now we have to wait until next week to redeem ourselves, and I'll be haunted with visions of the "Sons of Kemp" draining three after three after three after three- AAAAAH!


GMoney said...

Tony, what the hell? You should not be taking this so lightly. Where is the part of the story where you lit the ref on fire? Where is the defense on white Craig Hodges (better than BJ Armstrong)?

Tony B. said...

I wish I would've lit the ref on fire. I did angrily ask him what the hell he had to watch on TV that was so urgent that he needed to avoid a 3 minute overtime, but I he didn't care.

White Craig Hodges was awful in the first half, so I honestly didn't think he could shoot. He missed as many layups in the first half as he made three pointers in the second. It was quite a turnaround.

And yes, I'm sticking with Craig Hodges over BJ Armstrong because Hodges was a better shooter, and seemed more likely to miss layups- just like the dude from last night.

Tony B. said...

"but I he didn't care." Not my finest grammatical moment, but I'm still pissed, so I don't even know what I'm typing!