Monday, October 19, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

You know, I'd love to finish the Jamaica Honeymoon story- and I will soon enough, but right now I'm just a tad bit peeved about the Bears' Sunday Night Football Performance. Note to self: Don't even consider watching the Bears when they play on national TV- they apparently aren't good in big games. Especially on the road.

The good news? How in the hell did they even have a chance on their final drive to tie that game up? By comparison, the Niners got snapped off by a very good Falcons team last week, yet the Falcons let the Bears stay in the game until the end. So which way is it? Are the Bears a terrible team that manages to stick around or a pretty good team that underachieves and looks extremely lost at times?

Last thought on the Bears. They had their BYE week last week. One would think there would be extra time to strategize and be prepared for a big Sunday Night game. Not to mention, this game against Atlanta gave them an opportunity to exact revenge for the game last year where Matt Ryan and the Dirty Birds ripped out Chicago's soul with an 11 second field goal drive. It looked more like they spent two weeks going to strip clubs and falling asleep during Lovie Smith's pep talks (probably easy to do.) Definitely a disappointing loss, but a more disappointing effort.

Anyway, here are more NFL notes:

- The Raiders beat the Eagles??? I'd love to give analysis, but the game was blacked out because no one goes to Raiders games anymore, which was probably for the best. Great piece of news though- my friend from high school saw Donovan McNabb at the Gold Club in San Francisco late on Friday night (Saturday in the AM.) Apparantly McNabb was a complete gentleman- which is completely expected since he was at a gentlemen's club. Overlooking the game on Sunday? Maybe...

- Poor G$. I feel for you man. The Redskins are 2-4, and have yet to play any team with a previous win under their belt. The offense looks anemic. The coach is clearly going to lose his job sometime soon. The owner probably keeps $100 bills in his First Aid kit instead of gauze and band aids (get it? He throws money at the problem rather than actually fixing anything.) Look on the bright side, the Eagles just lost to the Raiders, so maybe there is a chance for the 'Skins on Monday Night next week.

- Tom Brady is the man. My fantasy teams have been struggling a bit, but not this week. This week I annihilated the competition and Brady had a lot to do with that (at least in one league.) His 380 yard, 6 TD performance was legendary. I was feeling some drafter's remorse after choosing him ahead of Drew Brees, but this game made me feel much better (though, in hindsight, I still should have taken Brees.) To top it all off, Brady did all that in the snowy weather! Take that, Mark Sanchez!

- I hate Brett Favre. I don't know how many more times I'll get to say that, but it might as well be infinity. This guy doesn't go away, and whether it's with the Packers or Vikings he always seems to make things difficult for the Bears. Stupid Ravens' kicker...

- The Saints are ridiculously awesome. They are built to win and have to be the scariest team in the NFL. It's like the Saints take other teams into a dirty room, wheel out a creepy puppet that tells the other team that they are "Going to play a game," and then the other team inevitably gets it's head smashed by two huge ice blocks (like Donnie from the New Kids in Saw IV!)

By the way, that Yankees/Angels game was ridiculous the other night! A-Rod coming up in the clutch? I never thought I'd see it! Looking like a Phillies/Yankees World Series. That's ok, I guess. I'd almost rather have the Dodgers in there (for what reason, I have no idea), but I guess it doesn't matter. It should be entertaining either way (the worst possible WS would be Phillies/Angels- that would suck.)

I'll be back with more Jamaica stories tomorrow. Enjoy Kyle Orton inexplicably beating the Chargers tonight.


Clarkster said...

good post today i think your finnaly coming out of that post honeymoon haze we all go into. nice fantasy win this week Tom brady proved his first round draft status this week. Also what the hell is up with Forte 23 rushing 37 receiving and a fumble ugg he needs to step it up.

GMoney said...

At least I still have my Yankees to take the focus of the Redskins. And when baseball is over, the Blue Jackets and Cavs will help me. I'm tired of caring about them.

Tony B. said...

Clarkster- When Jay Cutler has 34 yards rushing to lead the Bears, you know it was a rough game.

G$- Instead of watching the Redskins on Sunday, you should just throw in a DVD of Doug Williams' and Mark Rypien's greatest moments.

GMoney said...

No, Tony. I, as will you, will watch the Redskins on MONDAY NIGHT next week!!!

Might be a good time to do something with the wife.

Tony B. said...

It might be a good time to clean out the gutters, balance the checkbook, or do some laundry. Anything to not watch the Skins/Eagles match up.

Though, if Prince Albert Haynesworth sits on Donovan McNabb's face, then it will be worth the watch.

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