Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Many of you already knew that I am back, and to be honest, I haven't quite returned to the swing of things. I got so used to eating as much as I wanted, drinking as much as I wanted, going on adventures through the rain forest, and taking naps every day around 3pm that being back in California has shocked my system. Not to mention coming back to work today and trying to play catch up.

Fear not though, I will start a series tomorrow talking about the wedding and honeymoon (maybe for my own record, but you're allowed to enjoy as well.) Right now, I'm still trying to comprehend how Jamaica is in the Central Time Zone (same as Chicago and Dallas) yet it takes about 7 hours to get there from SF (we did not have direct flights, so I'm sure the lay overs added to tiring traveling.)

I will leave you with this- what happens to two fantasy football teams when you don't change your line-ups and then leave the country? Well, that's easy- they lose in horrible spectacular fashion. They played like the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Dodgers last week (how awesome was that?)

Sorry for the slow start, my brain is running in place like a cartoon character right now, but hopefully it will eventually shoot forward into productivity.


GMoney said...

It's about time. You missed a ton of shitty umpiring in the playoffs.

Clarkster said...

Glad your back bro we could have used you last night Javaughn and Joe were no show's so it was me Brian James and his friend Marty. thats it we ran 4 on 5 in the first half and we were down 28-47 at half. at that point we forfeited and picked up a player from the other team and ran the second half with no refs or score keeping.

Tony B. said...

Who said anything about me missing shitty umpiring? Jamaica has TBS and ESPN.

That sucks about last night Clarkster. I'm still not feeling right today, but I'll be in the groove for next week.