Monday, October 26, 2009

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

I'm back in the completely respectable state of California, and to sum up the trip- it was a great time. It was also expensive (at least for my newlywed budget) but luckily I played some pretty solid poker and still came home with money. To start this post, though, I'd like to say two things:

1) DON'T EVER PLAY BLACKJACK. Just don't do it. It goes too quickly, you almost never win, and dealers seem to be able to hit to 21 in the most soul crushing ways possible. You don't need to go watch Criss Angel or any other magic show; just stand by a blackjack table and watch the tricks of the amazing blackjack dealer! The shows run 24/7 and are in every casino!

2) THE BEARS ARE HORRIBLE. For all you folks who drafted Matt Forte between third and fifth in your fantasy draft, congratulations! You're team is losing! The loss of Brian Urlacher has clearly affected the team's defense in the worst way, and they are just not a hungry team. They let Cedric Benson talk crap all week and then run for 190+ yards on them. Have some pride guys. Oh, and watching the game at the Mandalay Bay Race & Sports Book was really painful. Imagine people betting on the Bears to push the line from -1 to -2.5 during the early games (because that's what happened.) It made for many unhappy Bears fans who inexplicably were wearing the ugly orange jerseys that the Bears most times don't/should never wear.

As for the details of my trip, we'll go with a quick list as to save time:

- Arrived, ate at the House of Blues in Mandalay.
- Went to the Poker Room, played for a few hours.
- Finally got into our room, where we had a very nice suite in Mandalay Bay. Our main TV was in a separate entertainment room and it was +60".
- Threw on our custom pink t-shirts and took over a Craps table. I won about $75.
- We then went back to the room where I promptly got into a UFC fight with my friend Kevin. He almost choked me out, but I turned the tide on him, created a wound on his chin (no idea how) and we both got blood on our shirts. It was awesome. PS: I did get him to tap out.
- Got bottle service at the Cathouse. It was more reasonable than some of the other clubs and was overall pretty fun.
- Eventually left and ate a Big Mac.
- In no way should I have played Poker in my state at that point, but I went to the Poker Room and played until 5:15am. I won around $400 which was amazing because one of the guys saw me down there and said he could barely tell if I was awake/alive.
- After a recovery breakfast, we went to the Mandalay Bay pool and lazy river. I highly recommend it- very classy to have a beach style pool in Vegas.
- Somewhere in there I played Craps and Blackjack with bad results. -$220.
- Steak dinner at Strip Steak. It was very good steak. One of the guys also ordered cow bone marrow. It was served in a section of bone. I didn't try it, but other people said it was good.
- We went big and got bottle service at XS in the Encore hotel/casino. That club was ridiculous. The dance floor was huge (and too crowded), it opened up to the pool (our VIP table was by the pool), and they have Blackjack and Craps inside the club!
- A bachelorette party came over to freeload off of us hang out, and that was pretty fun. Best part, one of the friends was wasted and tried to get closer to the middle of the group. She didn't see the edge of the pool and tripped. Half of her body went in the pool and her head was destroyed by the concrete. She seemed to be ok after a few minutes, but the smack made a really loud popping noise. Hopefully it was just her pride that was hurt, but let's just say she ended up ok so we can laugh about it now.
- I ended up back playing poker and I won back my previously lost Blackjack and Craps money. +$208.
- After a solid 3.5 hours of sleep, we went down to watch the NFL games. That Steelers/Vikings game was so enjoyable. I can't stand Brett Favre and I loved the fact that he lost Minnesota the game.
- The Bears game was another matter. I'm so glad I had to leave to catch my flight because there was no way I could stand watching another second of that game.
- The guy next to us won a 5 team parlay for $1000. Good for him.

So that was the main list of our activities. Feel free to ask for more info on any aspect, though be aware of the "What Happens In Vegas... (you know the rest)" rule.

Enjoy some Monday Night Football tonight. It should be a barn-burner.


GMoney said...

As a Food Network junkie, I can confirm that marrow is a delicacy. I've never had it because it looks and sounds gross though.

I prefer poker over blackjack just because you can control how much you win/lose.

Tony B. said...

Totally agree with you. I like Craps because it is a fun/social table game, but people at blackjack tables always look like they want to kill themselves at the table. Poker is much more fun than all of them though because of that control that you mentioned.

Rae said...

1. i REALLY wish i could have seen all 6'6" of Tony B wrastling in a hotel room whilst hammered.

2. You can win at poker while nearly asleep/dead. Sir, i think you may have found your calling...

Tony B. said...

It takes a little bit of luck, but yes, I was playing alright...

While we were in Vegas, all the people who worked at clubs explained that it was very expensive because it was a UFC weekend. It's a good thing the UFC event was actually in LA, but that minor detail meant nothing to the Vegas folks.

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Robert S. Simmons said...

I hate blackjack too. I didn't play much of this game but every time I'm finding myself convinced to play blackjack i lose all the money I planed to gamble on the blackjack table. At poker you can get professional, not on black jack, not really.

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Despedida said...

Informative content, In bachelor party you can drink all night but between the beer and the strippers, wouldn't it be fun to have a few bachelor party games such as Despedida de soltero.

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