Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vegas Tomorrow...

So I'm headed to Sin City tomorrow for my buddy's bachelor party, and the early returns say it's going to be a great time.

We have extremely outlandish custom t-shirts:

We are more than likely going to PURE on Saturday where the incomparable Mr. Boombastic Shaggy will be performing (God, I hope this happens!)

We are staying at a savage suite in Mandalay Bay.

I haven't been to Vegas in over 3 years, so I'm definitely looking to have a great time.

But let's catch up with the what else I've been doing since getting back from Jamaica...

- Due to technical difficulties at the venue, I was not able to play my show at the Boxing Donkey on Saturday. I showed up, set up, and then the amp that runs the venue's sound was cutting in and out. Being that they are extremely well run, I was still paid, but I was bummed to not get to play. I need to get some of you Sacramento/Davis folks to come up to Roseville to hang out. The Boxing Donkey is a great place to hang out, eat, and drink cocktails until your drunk enough to fight a guy wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

- I've been playing the Wii a lot. Between Beatles Rockband and Wii Fit, I don't have much time for anything else. I am getting quite a legitimate workout with Wii Fit, and I'm not sure if that means it's a good program or if I'm horribly out of shape. I have a feeling it's somewhere in the middle.

- I found time to play some poker online at Full Tilt. Before the wedding, I turned $30 into $214+. I cashed out $200 to pay for some wedding expenses, so I was left with just over $14. The other night I bought into a cash game for $10. It slowly dwindled to $8 and I got involved in a hand with some Russian dude. The betting was sizable relative to my $8 stack and I was on a draw. By the turn I had a double belly buster straight, with a flush possibility. In other words, a lot of cards could help me. I called whatever the Russian bet and hit my straight on the river. I completely doubled through him and he was irate. "Kill yourself," he told me at least 5 times. He went on about how much I suck and blah, blah, blah. I needled him a couple times, but then eventually said, "This is ridiculous, it's over $8." One of the other players told him to chill out and then said, "From Russia with love."

Anyway, I cashed out with $22 in the end, then bought into two $10 sit and go's (9 person tournaments.) I got second in both, so all of a sudden, I have $54 in my account. Not too shabby.

- Hey! The Phillies won the NLCS... aaaaaaaaaaand nobody cares.

- Most entertaining story since getting back? No it's not the fake balloon/attict boy. It has to be: ESPN's dark sexual underbelly. What the hell is going on over at the Mothership? It's like a damn bath-house/brothel over there. I'm now creating a new goal besides keeping my future hypothetical daughter off the pole- she will also not be allowed to be an intern at ESPN!

I'm unsure if there will be a post tomorrow, but I'll try to squeeze one out. Oh, and if there are any folks with College Football bets I should get in on, let me know. I don't usually bet on College Football, but since I'm in Vegas on a Saturday, advice would be appreciated.


GMoney said...

Take my RedHawks +11 at home against Northern Illinois. I will be there and if the spread looks in doubt, I will run on the field and start stabbing Huskies. Don't worry, we're so bad that we don't even have security guards anymore.

Tony B. said...

And that folks is G$'s "I'm Going To Stab Someone" Lock of Week.

How can I not take them? I mean, you've only encouraged everyone to bet against them the whole season, so there's no reason not to lock it up!

GMoney said...

Actually, no. Since we benched our extremely shitty senior QB for our less shitty frosh QB, I have changed my betting tune.

Tony B. said...

Got it. Thanks for the update G$.

Stevie Reed said...

Tony, if you want to gamble there are 3 or 4 solid games.

Oregon St. at USC bet the spread which is 20.5

Florida at Mississippi St. bet the spread at 23

Texas at Missouri bet Missouri to win

Oregon at Washington bet Washington to cover 10 or straight win... I think spread is very doable.

A few gambles but a 3 game parlay would be pretty safe on those games. I really think Missouri will beat Texas.

Have fun man.

Stevie Reed said...

sorry, for the teams to bet to cover would be Mississippi St, Oregon St., and Washington...

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