Thursday, November 5, 2009

Benefits of a Yankee Championship

The Yankees are champions once again. Mariano Rivera said that the others were special, but this championship is the best (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) While many people are grumbling in distaste about championship number 27 for the Bronx Bombers, let's think about the good things that can come from a Yankee championship.

  • It puts Red Sox fans back in their place - For awhile, Red Sox fans were starting to scare me. They broke "the curse" in 2004, which I found encouraging because as a Cubs fan, I'd like to think it can be done. When they won in 2007, I heard more than a few Sox fans say, "This one's ok, but it's not as good as 2004." They got one championship and all of sudden they're content. Well, this will once again stoke the fires of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, and puts the Red Sox and their Nation back in the passenger seat.
  • The Phillies don't win back-to-back titles - I don't run into too many Phillies fans, but stereotypical Phillie fan is really annoying. It's not ok to let Philadelphia win two championships in a row, so I think we can all be glad that a repeat didn't happen.
  • Joe Girardi can afford braces - Did you see those things? I didn't realize he had them until the post game show. I'm suprised he couldn't afford them back when he was a player. Next mission for Joe- teeth whitening.
  • Capitalism works again! - It may not always work, but it's nice to know if you spend the most money, that once every 9 years you can be the best.
  • It's ok to hate the Yankees again - Even I was soft on the Yankees last week. Now that they've won championship, it's completely ok to hate them again! I have a hard time hating a team that donates money to the charity of the MLB luxury tax when they don't win a championship. However, when they do, well, it's ON!
  • You can win without steroid use - Unless there's some new drug that no one knows about, or the Yankees players are dumber than Charlie Manuel sounds, I have to believe this is a clean championship. A-Rod can't be using. Neither can Petitte. I know Jeter wouldn't and Rivera has no need for performance enhancers. I can't see a scenario where steroids were involved with this team, which is a positive thing for baseball.
So good for the Yankees. I'm glad it's over so we can start focusing on the Winter Meetings and next year!


GMoney said...

And I get to be happy. You forgot that.

Name one bad thing about Philadelphia, Boston, AND Mets fans all having it stuck up their asses...I'm waiting.

People hate how the Yankees do business, but they do have a very likeable team (other than A-Rod and Joba). It really is a good group of guys.

Tony B. said...

Congrats, G$. You waited a long 9 years for that one. I can't even imagine waiting 9 years for a championship. It's not like my team is going on 102 years.

sean said...

The Yankees win....The Yankees win.

who sounds less intelligent?

a) Charlie Manuel
b) Johnny Damon

Adrianne, Wedding Chicks "Real Bride" Blogger said...

Joe Girardi!!! YES

Tony B. said...

c) Grady Little?