Monday, November 2, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

After a great show on Friday night at the Pyramid Walnut Creek (thanks to everyone who came out!) it was on to San Francisco for a night of drunken Halloween-ness. Since the Bay Bridge is closed based on its instability, we took BART to get into the city. We stayed at the Westin Hotel, which was very nice and fairly cheap.

Once we were settled in the hotel room, it was time to start getting ready. Luckily, I literally had to do nothing as I had the easiest costume of the night. We were Dharma Initiative workers from Lost. The extent of my costume was a beige jumpsuit and that's pretty much it. Mrs. B. had a simple enough costume, but she needed time to do her make up and hair. Here is the result:

It was a great costume for being comfortable, not having to take too much time to get ready, and it still stoked the fires of occasional Lost nerds that we ran into throughout the night. Here are the players for the rest of the night and what they were dressed as:

Sean - The chef from Ratatouille
Trish - Penguin
Kevin - Papa Bear w/ a blow-up Goldilocks in tow
Lydia - Mama Bear
Kat - Baby Bear
Woods - A Yak (though it was also possible that he was a Bull or a Viking)

Sean, Trish, Mrs. B. and I caught a cab out in front of our hotel. The cab driver didn't know where Woods' apartment was (yes, I gave him the address) so we ended up giving him a cross street that was still only half way there (our hotel was approximately a mile from Woods' place.)

So we paid the cab driver $6 to drive us about 3 blocks. Stupid, I know. But I was 7 drinks deep at this point, so I'm not sure how rational my plans were at this point. Sean forgot the alcohol bag, so he actually ran back to the hotel to get it (on foot.) Mrs. B. and I stayed put at a Starbucks.

The Starbucks closed a few minutes after we arrived, so we waited out on a corner. Two funny things happened at this point. One, a homeless guy eyeballed Mrs. B. and was none too subtle about it. "She lookin' good!" To which I agreed, but then I told him to move it along. I think he made another comment, but it didn't escalate too far.

The second funny thing was when a couple came walking by my right side. My back was turned to them, but the guy was curious as to what my jumpsuit said. He leaned around me to read the patch and name on my left side. I didn't notice that he was there. Just then a sneeze came over me, and since I didn't think anyone was there, I cocked my head to the right and sneezed into what I thought was the night sky. What really happened, was I sneezed directly in this guy's face who was a solid 10 inches from my sneeze. It was a facial! He just walked away without saying anything. The look on his face was priceless though!

We finally arrived at the party and it was really great. They had a lot to drink, some snacks out on the table, the World Series was on, they had a separate projector that was playing "The Shining" and they even had a photobooth for guests to take ridiculous pictures (here's to hoping they don't end up on Facebook...)

At this point, much of the night is hazy, so I'm not sure how to describe it, but I do know we eventually ended up back near our hotel, we ate at Mel's, then eventually passed out safely in our hotel room. Completely successful Halloween weekend!

Other things of interest:

- I hate Brett Favre.
- Bears beat the Browns. Who cares?
- Yankees win again, this series looks over.
- Colts resort to a trick play to beat the Niners.
- Tom Cable beat his former wife and girlfriend. Anyone shocked?


GMoney said...

I have sneezed on my sister and wife before and it was hilarious. Doing it to a nosy stranger would be awesome. It might even make up for the dorky costume!!!

Rae said...

1. The costume was AMAZING! (not dorky, G$)

2. something that DIDN'T happen is y'all didnot come get your party on with me and the bag of D down the street. LAME. Hope your Halloween was as good as ours!

Tony B. said...

Let's be honest, the costume was dorky and awesome, not either or.

I can't even explain how awesome sneezing in someone's face was (at least after it didn't lead to a fist fight.)

Sorry about not coming by- I hate party hopping and my limit of finding two locations during the night was maxed out- hotel & Woods' apt.) Mel's only happened because it was in between the two.

Extra fact about the party- it was held in Ray Durham's old apartment. There are heel marks all over the wood floor in the kitchen from Ray Ray taking it the lovely ladies of SF.