Monday, November 9, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Well that was a short and busy weekend! And if you think I'm going to talk about the Bears- well you would be wrong. There's a chance I might kill myself mid-post if I decide to wri-

That was close. Stopped typing just in time. Saturday was quite the busy day. I had to work early in the morning at the UC Davis/Cal Poly football game. The game sold out completely and UC Davis got the big win over the rival Mustangs 20-10. I left around half time because I had to...

Go to Harrison and Vanessa's wedding in San Jose. Because of work and since it was a two hour drive, we rushed to get there right on time for the reception. Upon arriving, I changed into my suit outside in a public park. I figured I wouldn't be the only bum in my underwear, so no one would care.

I fully enjoyed the entrance by the wedding party. Harrison had purchased personalized San Jose Sharks jerseys (do hockey people call them sweaters?) for each groomsman and one for himself. For the bride and groom introduction, they had the actual San Jose Sharks entrance music- which was a nice touch. I could've used an appearance from Sharky the mascot, but he was busy at the Sharks/Pens game down the street.

The buffet was really good. Salmon, beef, three types of pasta, two salads, regular and garlic bread. Very solid. Nothing more enjoyable than stuffing yourself full at wedding (unless you're drinking yourself full, I suppose.)

And of course that brings us to the live band. Take 2 was a very good cover band that was perfectly suited for the event. They played a wide variety of music. Journey, Bon Jovi, and Van Halen on one end of the musical spectrum- Gwen Stefani, Duffy, and "P.Y.T." by Michael Jackson on the other. That shhh- was bananas! They ended the night with "Don't Stop Believin'" by Harrison's request, and I believe there is a video floating around of it- so if you can find it- good for you! It was a fun sing-a-long and a great end to the reception.

The next morning I was excited to realize that the Bears and Cardinals were on local TV- but not for long (I just can't help myself can I?) Just awful. Words can't describe how hollow I think Lovie Smith's message is coming across to his players.

The Niners looked a little better, but not much. Can't wait for that monster Thursday Night match-up this week, right?! It might be time to give up on the NFL season already.

Sunday night, Mrs. B. and I decided to meet up with some of my friends from high school at the Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers show at Marilyn's in Sacramento. My friend Adam was doing sound and informed us that Stephen Kellogg had come down with laryngitis and would not be performing. The Sixers, however, still went on without him and were actually pretty entertaining. It was a bummer to not get the full show as SK6ers are from Boston and don't come around the left coast all that often.

The highlight came when bass player Kit Karlson stripped down to his underwear to dance around. Their final song was done completely acoustic with the band standing in the crowd (and yes, Kit was still in only his underwear) where they sang "See You Later, See You Soon." I still would've prefered to see Stephen there, but overall it was a fun show and I do recommend checking out their records.

So there was the not-quite-Bear-free recap to my weekend. I am so pumped for Veteren's Day on Wednesday. I might sleep all day (or record music all day- who knows?!)


GMoney said...

More like "Hatie" Smith, amirite??? Yeah, he's soooo fired.

Tony B. said...

I need a coach with a little fire behind him. The last two Bears coaches have been Lovie Smith and Dick Jauron- so boring. At least Dave Wannstedt had a sweet mustache to fire the players up.

Rae said...

- I always thought harrison was his first name...


<3 :)

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