Monday, November 16, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

My weekend was almost non-existent. Friday I had a headache, took medication for it, and then said medication made me dizzy, queezy, and help ruin my Friday night.

I woke up Saturday to work the final UC Davis home football game. The Aggies won 28-20 which somehow gave them a conference championship (3-1 in the made-up Great West Football Conference- exciting, right?!) So you might ask yourself, how are there only 5 teams in UCD's conference? Well, because we are in the Big West for most sports, yet almost none of the Big West teams have football programs, we've been forced to align ourselves with other universities in the biggest hodge-podge of a conference ever invented. Cal Poly, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Utah, and UC Davis. I can't imagine recruiting kids by telling them- "Ya know, we get to go to North Dakota or South Dakota every year!" I'm not sure if this gets us into the playoffs, but I do know there is no chance of another home game.

Directly after I left the game, I went to my co-worker's daughter's quinceanera in Woodland. In telling the DJ to play "dinner music" during dinner, he chose Latin/Techno remixes of "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry, and "Careless Whisper" by some Latin artist (originally by the greatest of WHAM!, though.) A more in depth review may have to wait for another day...

Then I went directly to Roseville to play a show from 9:30 - 1. The show went very well, though I need to learn some new songs for my own sanity. "I Want You To Want Me," "A Little Help From My Friends," and "Three Little Birds" were all requested, so those seem like a good place to start. Thanks to everyone who came out, danced, and sang along.

Sunday, after watching the Field Goal Bowl between the Steelers and Bengals, I went into the studio, did one back-up vocal track, four tracks of bass, and officially finished recording on my next record! Now it's up to my producer to mix and master it. There is some possibility for me to go back in for touch-ups, but it is a great weight off my shoulders to have it finally done!

Oh no! I just remembered the Browns are on Monday Night Football tonight! What a horrible selection! Come on NFL/ESPN- you're better than this!


GMoney said...

Three Little Birds? You should learn to play Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly.

Fuck the Monday Nighter tonight...I will be watching WWII in HD on History. Bad. Ass.

Tony B. said...

It's a Bob Marley song that goes "Don't Worry, about a thing, every little thing, gonna be alright." You've heard it 8,246,098 times.

Thanks for the tip G$- WWII sounds awesome!

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