Monday, November 23, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was completely backwards. I went to bed pretty early on Friday night only to wake up and participate in the Davis Turkey Trot. Our group walked the 5K but of course ran the very last bit and crossed the finish line. We were completely unofficial (as in, we didn't pay for our t-shirt or our official time) because that money was going to be put toward breakfast.

Of course, last night, Mrs. B. and I went to hang out with my best man, Sean and his lady, Trish. It was a lot of fun, but it doesn't make much sense as to why I was in bed early on Friday night, yet stayed out late on Sunday night. In between, here's what happened:

- I've been learning a few new cover songs. In fact, I think I mentioned all of them earlier last week (Cheap Trick, Beatles, Bob Marley.) They all are sounding pretty good and I'll play them in Roseville at my next show 12/5.

- On Saturday, Mrs. B. and I went to our favorite yogurt place, Mochii. As we were leaving and just about to reach my car, a dude in a white molester van yells at us, "I know you're not going to be greedy and eat all that!" I chuckled and kept walking. His van was still at the stop light, so he yelled, "I'm serious! Gimme some of that!" I looked at him puzzled and just shook my head. The light turned green and drove off. I thought for a second I was going to have to throw down over yogurt that I purchased. I guess that's an example of just another day in downtown Sacramento.

- I didn't attend the game, but UC Davis was beat for the second year in row by Sacramento State. Pretty embarrassing stuff for the match-up that UCD considers its rivalry game. UC Davis was up 14-3 at half, and then ended up letting Sac St.'s benched QB come in for the second half and torch their secondary. Final score 31-28. Horrible.

- I watched many National Geographic shows on Saturday. I learned about the Codex Gigas (narrated by Dominic Monaghan)- otherwise know as the "Devil's Bible." It's a 165 lbs. Bible that was written by a single monk during the monk's medieval lifetime. The most distinguished feature is the full page drawing of the devil on one of the pages. It was pretty interesting.

The other show that was fairly interesting was about prehistoric crocidiles and theories about how they were able to hunt dinosaurs and survive when dinosaurs did not. The best part is when they animated a re-enactment of Boar Croc and showed how it would have hunted dinosaurs. Savage!

- Where do I start with football? I think the Bears have made me a worse person this year. Their losses on national TV put me in a horrible mood. I'm probably at my least tolerable as a human after a Bears' loss.

Besides the last interception, I thought Jay Cutler played better. True- he did miss three different throws that would have all resulted in touchdowns, but his usual array of multiple primetime turnovers were absent for most of the game. The only thing that made me feel ok about the game was when Donovan McNabb talked with Cutler for a couple minutes after the game. It was actually impressive how long McNabb was in his ear. I can only imagine what he was saying to him:

"Hey Jay, stop throwing interceptions! You're leading the team I grew up rooting for- make better decisions!"

As a much maligned quarterback himself, I'm sure McNabb had lots of good advice for Cutler. We'll see if it makes a difference later on.

I'm not excited about Monday Night Football tonight. Texans vs. Titans? Am I wrong in thinking the AFC South is the most boring division in football? I know the Colts are great, but I'm still bored by AFC South inter-divisional match-ups. No idea why.

Enjoy the beginning of the week- thank goodness it's a short one!


Rae said...

i was gonna make a that's-what-she-said joke about the last line there... but she never said that, i don't think...

GMoney said...

I truly enjoyed the indifferent look that Jay had on his face during the "advice" that he was getting from McPuke. There is no way that he was actually listening.

I'm looking forward to tonight's game. Vince Young, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Jeff Fisher's mustache, Bud Adams flipping people off...should be enjoyable.

Tony B. said...

I'm fairly certain she never said that...

If VY disappears before the game, causing his team and his coach to panic, which in turn causes Bud Adams to flip everyone off- then the game will be highly entertaining. Otherwise, my money is on the boring end of things.