Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Christmas Carol- Really?

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis has been in the biz for a long time. He's made classics like Roger Rabbit, the Back to the Future trilogy, and Forrest Gump. Recently, however, he's fallen in love with 3D animation as his last two movies were the Polar Express and Beowulf and his upcoming A Christmas Carol follows right in line with those.

For being clearly expensive and "cutting edge" technology, these movies just look boring and dry. I don't know about you, but when I see the preview for A Christmas Carol I think, "I wouldn't see that movie even if Jim Carrey showed up to my house and personally asked me to go see it with him." There's just no way you can get me to buy into this crap (am I being Scrooge-like? Ironic, I suppose...)

I think the main problem is that Zemeckis has gotten so comfortable with this 3D imaging, that he's forgetting that a good story that is well executed is more important than any animation or CGI that money can buy. The best example is Beowulf. A story that is so good, that no one truly knows who wrote it because it's that old (there's debate about who the author is, but I don't believe anyone knows 100% who wrote it.) Obviously, we're looking at a classic tale that was passed down from long ago. However, I was bored out of my mind during that movie. To this day, it might be the worst movie I've seen with Mrs. B., and let's keep in mind that the first movie we ever saw together was Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. Ouch.

After A Christmas Carol, Zemeckis is on to re-making Yellow Submarine. He's ruined a childhood classic (Polar Express), a classic legend (Beowulf), and a Charles Dickens' novel (A Christmas Carol.) Now he's going to ruin the Beatles??? If we could only send Mr. Stickland from Back to the Future on a hunt for Zemeckis- I know Strickland would love to rid the world of one more "slacker." Oh, and I'm talking about the gun-toting version of Mr. Strickland from Back to the Future II.

Hollywood will always make crappy movies, but I expect more from a filmmaker that has proven he can make good movies. Right now, it appears he's choosing not to.


Rae said...

I'll conceed your points with Polar express and Beowulf, but let's not jump to conclusions about A Christmas Carol! I love this classic Christmastime story, and having seen it done in every medium from pantomime to local theater production to theatrical success (you know you love Patrick Stewart AND the muppets!), to say nothing of creative twists like Scroodged. It's really hard to mess up this story, no matter how you tell it.

THAT SAID, I do think the one think I don't like about Zemeckis' 3D animation is that it is creepily realistic. I'm very aware that I'm watching a cartoon, so I don't REALLY want to see pores on noses a-thank-you-very-much.

I will see this film in theaters, probably t-giving weekend :)

Tony B. said...

Fool me once, shame on you- fool me, uh... won't get fooled again!

I like Jim Carrey a lot, and there's no way I'm seeing this. Zemeckis 3D animation is awful looking and waters down stories with gimmicky comedy. I'll pass.

GMoney said...

"he's forgetting that a good story that is well executed is more important than any animation or CGI that money can buy"

Tell this to George Lucas. But then again, even his stories haven't been good.

dbag said...

I completely agree with you T-Bag. I have seen this story so many times, and almost all (excluding the lovely disney/mickey version as well as the joke version SCROOGED).. has just left me annoyed..

With the prices of movies right now, I will definitely not been spending over 10 bucks to see a horrible remake.. then again, I would also not spend over 10 bucks to see any Jim Carrey movie... double whammy.

Tony B. said...

How the hell can someone like George Lucas write great stories- then come back with terrible ones years later? I suppose you become less hungry once you make your millions. Maybe George needs a couple DUI's and the Chicago Bears to cut him for him to regain his former greatness.

D-bag, your comments are as appreciated as your nickname of D-bag- which I appreciate a lot!

sean said...

3D sucks. The colors suck. The stories suck. And it ruins the film because they get so preoccupied with the 3D imaging that they forget that cinematography is more important than shit flying at your face. Or maybe that's what the general public prefers.....

I have seen several of these 3D movies in the non 3D versions cause I can't stand the glasses and the shitty color. It is funny to watch the regular version and notice the parts where they were obviously doing whatever they could in the movie to entertain the simple-minded love of 3D. Which brings up another interesting question....Are they truly "3D?" Are we content with fooling are eyes, and minds? Go see a play if you want to see something in 3D. If you need monsters, go jump on a helicopter and fly to Jurassic Park.


Tony B. said...

Sean, I would love to fly to Jurassic Park. Let's do this!