Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So a Bear and a Rabbit...

Yesterday, my co-workers and I went to lunch at the Black Bear Diner in Davis. I had never been there since it was switched from Bakers' Square over to the Bear. It's essentially the same premise (a place that has all-day breakfast, pies, lunch and dinner food) except with much bigger portions. Being that I did not eat breakfast earlier in the day, I was starving and it was time to eat Mark Mangino [pictured] style!

Since none of us had exact change, my boss began to ask if we could have separate checks. The acned ginger waiter said in a very dry, but seemingly joking way, that he didn't want to split the checks. Eventually he agreed to it, and we figured that we had a decently funny/tolerable waiter with a very dry sense of humor.

The service was fine as we got our food and drinks in a timely manner. I ordered an omelette that came with a tortilla, salsa, avocado, jack cheese, tomatoes, some other stuff, and diced potatoes. I absolutely crushed it and it was quite the satisfying meal. But does this story have a point? Why yes, it does!

After getting our separate checks, we went to the front to pay. We waited as each of the five of us paid, and our server came up to say bye to us. Over the course of the meal, we had joked with him, so I guess he felt overly comfortable with us. Comfortable enough to step over the line.

"You guys want to hear a joke?"

Us: "..."

"Ok- So, a bear and a rabbit go into the woods to take a shit..."

Now, after just destroying my meal, and being full, the only shit I want to think about is my own- not anything coming out of a bear or a rabbit. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have cared if he was actually telling a) a funny joke and b) one I hadn't heard before.

"The bear asks the rabbit, 'Hey, do you ever get shit stuck to your fur?'

"The rabbit says, 'No.' So the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit."

It was a trainwreck delivery, not original, and got no laugh. After a five second delay, there were moderate smiles to try and make him feel better, but I think he realized he stepped over the line of appropriateness (not only with us, but with the family behind us waiting to be seated.) He slunk back into the inner area of the restaurant like one of those vampire things from "I Am Legend" during the daylight. The person at the register remarked, "Yeah, I'm really sorry about him."

Our group finished paying, and went back to work having had a filling meal, and a lasting memory that will live on forever.


GMoney said...

You know, maybe a Bear joke is how all diners at Black Bear are greeted/said goodbye to. I say kudos to the daywalker!

Tony B. said...

Yeah, that is a strong possibility. I can't imagine their corporate offices keep that particular joke in the training video, though.