Friday, November 13, 2009


So my predictions/fears of last night's game being "competitive" and "not betting on the Bears to win" were fairly accurate. But to all those Niner fans that want to talk smack today- how about you don't? Your team sucks too. On a short week, at home, when the opposing QB has already thrown four interceptions, the Bears were still driving for the win in the last minute. Guess what? The Bears and Niners are now both 4-5 after last night's game, so seriously, I don't want to hear any gloating about how slightly less terrible your team is than mine. Oh, and make fun all you want- you would still rather have Jay Cutler over Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, or whoever else your team might want to throw out there.

After the game was over, it took me a bit to get back in a good mood. In some respects, I'm still not in a good mood after watching that supposed "NFL" game. However, #1 item that helped me feel a little better was this dunk by Dwayne Wade:

They may have lost the game, but that was one of the sickest dunks I've ever seen. I remember when I used to dunk on people like that- oh- what's that? That never happened? Oh, right. Well, have a great weekend- and I'm playing at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville Saturday night at 9:30pm.


Rae said...

That was a tough game of flag football your boys played last night. At least Cutler shared the ball with everyone nicely.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, the Niners really "destroyed" the Bears just like Vernon Davis said you would. 10-6 seems like massive destruction to me.

GMoney said...

Actually, yes. I would rather have what the 49ers at QB over a guy who has thrown 17 picks in 9 games and is 21-25 as a starter. He is just like Brett Favre except that no one likes Cutler and he can't eat candy. I'm sure he blamed someone else on his 5 picks anyway.

Bring back Erik Kramer...he was better.

Tony B. said...

Or Cade McNown- at least he parties with Playboy bunnies.

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