Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Verteran's Day

Hopefully, you're like me and have Veteran's Day off. But what is there to do with your random Wednesday off? Here are some suggestions- some I'll also participate in, and some I won't, but it's all in the spirit of honoring our troops (ok, so maybe some of it is in honor of your American right to sleep all day. Speaking of...)

You could sleep 24 hours straight - Just pretend that there is no day off, but that this day is an opportunity to catch up on all the sleep that is missed during the normal work week. I try to not use a regular weekend day for this purpose, though it happens occasionally (or at least I sleep on the couch and/or watch HBO movies and the Discovery Channel all day.)

Complain about the state of your current favorite teams - Everyone has something to complain about. While one team may be winning a championship (for example, G$'s Yankees) there could be another beloved team that plays like a horrible grease-fire and has the upper management worse than Enron (G$'s Redskins.) So I'll start it off: The Cubs want to improve on their underachieving 83 win season, but they have almost no payroll flexibility. It seems as if their whole team is either eligible for arbitration or already has a ridiculously inflated guaranteed contract (I'm looking at you Alfonso Soriano.) The Bulls are playing well, but they got a BUZZER BEATER WAVED OFF THE CLOCK IN THEIR OWN BUILDING! The refs looked that shot over for many minutes and could barely tell if in fact the ball was still in Brad Miller's hand when the buzzer went off. It was the closest one of these I've seen in awhile, and honestly, I think the tie should go to the home team. The Bears are so bad right now, that Vernon Davis feels comfortable talking public shit about them! An underachiever most of his career, V. Davis has had a couple good games even though the Niners have lost 4 in a row, and this homeboy thinks it's ok to talk shit?! Last time I checked, the Bears also have a tight end capable of scoring 3 TD's in one game.

Play in a poker tournament - I might go over to Capital Casino in Sacramento to play in their daily tournament. We'll see how it goes.

Be productive - Maybe go work out? Write a song? Practice some bass guitar parts to finish up my album? The world is my oyster on this glorious day off.

Enjoy the Reno Peppermill website - The Peppermill's new website is hilarious! For example, here is the PARTY link/video that they have up. This video has a group of people cheers-ing, leading into one guy with two girls at a craps table, then to two girls walking down the hotel hallway in lingerie with a champagne bottle, and it finishes off with the grand finale of one guy and two girls in their underwear pillow-fighting. That pretty much sums up my experiences at the Peppermill as well.

Well, I suppose no matter what I do, it's going to be better than my decision to catch up on "Flashforward" last night. I watched 3 episodes, and I keep waiting for it to get good. Ugh.

Enjoy the day off!


Rae said...

eh, eh! I hate my job! Why can't *I* have the day off instead of sitting in a cubicle and staring at the green/gray cloth-covered pseudo-walls all day!

Jealous. Enjoy the time.

GMoney said...

FlashForward pisses me off to no end. "Harold" is not believable as a rogue tough guy FBI agent. HE IS A LITTLE BITCH. I sort of wish that the whole cast jumped off that building.

If I had the day off, I would do nothing but watch old Hulk Hogan matches on YouTube and crank it up extra loud when "Real American" was played. But I'm stuck at work, you see, so having that classic song in my head all day is the best that I can do.

Fight for the rights of every man...

Tony B. said...

UPDATE: I finished 8th of 82 at the Capitol Casino's morning tournament. Not bad for my first time there...

That sucks you both have to work, G$ and Rae. I lobby we get another holiday for the heroes who have to work on Veteran's day. I would also get that one off, of course.