Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Update: I was wrong about Monday Night Football last night. My apologies to Vince Young and Kris Brown.

After the game, I practiced some music and then made my way over to the Wal-Mart in West Sacramento. It was a freaking circus. In fact, it always is. It doesn't matter what time you go there (I happened to be there at 10pm), it is always filled with interesting folks.

A stressed out African American woman yelling at her two of her childern- one named Kobe and the other named Shaquille? Check.

Two gay dudes- one overweight with a mohawk- holding hands and looking at cookware? Check.

A worker who was carting pallets around while singing at the top of his lungs about his "baby that left him, and one day she'll be lonely, too?" Check.

So without further delay, I'm recommending this site:


I'm fairly certain that Wal-Mart experiences vary by region. Having said that, most experiences at Wal-Mart are probably quite similar.


Rae said...

watching the Wal Martians always makes me feel better about myself... until i realize that I, too, am in Wal mart and therefore am a Wal Martian :(

Tony B. said...

That is an excellent point. It's an odd psychological problem that is unsolvable as long as I can save money on over the counter medication, cat treats, and occasional groceries.