Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who's Time Is More Important?

Because I worked on Saturday, I had the day off on Monday. I went over to the Capitol Casino to play in their morning $25 poker tournament (I finished 34th of 85 due to King/Jack getting defeated by Queen/10- Ugh.)

Anyway, I was doing other productive things after the tournament and one of which was going to the local Ace Hardware to get super strong Ant traps. We've had a little infestation at Casa de B. and the ants need to get dominated worse than Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. I did a quick Google Map search of where said Ace Hardware was and I was on my way.

Google Maps sent me to the back of the Ace store which was surrounded by razor wire and looked like what I imagine a back alley drug ring to look like. Luckily, the fence was open to the gravel parking area and I sauntered toward the back door.

Upon entering, I was fortunate enough to immediately find the aisle that contained the orange box of ant-death that I was looking for. I picked up the box, walked straight to the register only to find a line that was at least six people deep. Only one register was open, so the wait was at least a few minutes.

I could sense that the people behind me were growing restless. In particular, the woman behind was pacing a bit and leaning over to see how the cashier's transaction was going. All of a sudden, I see her pass me on my left and go to the front of the line. She walks up to the guy who was second in line and says, "Can I go next- I have to get back to work."

Well, well, well Ms. Impatient! My first thought was to check my phone for the time. It was, in fact, 12:59. If you had to get back to work by 1pm- why in holy hell are you shopping at Ace Hardware at 12:59 (or even 12:55!)

My next thought was, why does the guy up front get to decide? I mean, shouldn't the woman have to ask each person who was in front of her before going up to the beginning. I was in line before she was, but now I don't get a say in this? Seems wrong, don't you think?

In effect, the woman was saying to the person up front and to the rest of us, that her time is more valuable than ours. She assumed she was the only one who was going back to work or had something else important to do. She might have been correct in this- however, that would also mean she was the only one stupid enough to shop at a hardware store 1 minute before she needed to be back at work.

Right as the guy was about to tell her, "No" (he was about to do it- it would have been sooo sweet!) another register opened up and she rushed over there to get taken care of. Ironically, the guy in front of her beat her to the other register and was first to check out. Other people left as well, leaving me next in line.

In the end, I checked out and left the store before the impatient woman making sure that everything was still right in the Universe.

Also, I passed on the free Popcorn that Ace Hardware had at the register. It didn't seem like it would have been a good idea to eat it.


GMoney said...

Mr. Ace is well known as a line holder-upper at Ace. That's how he became such a dick.

Rae said...

When have a bunch of stuff and someone only has one thing, I'll let them go. And If I only have one thing and someone wants me to go first, I'll take it. But to try to cut to the front without asking everyone you're cutting in front of? Whatabitch.

Adrianne, Wedding Chicks "Real Bride" Blogger said...

I've had the free popcorn- it's good! An employee usually rushes over if someone is eying the popcorn so that they can get it for you and reduce the amount of dirty-hand-to-popcorn-to-mouth issues.