Tuesday, November 3, 2009

World Series Observations

To be completely honest, I've been casually watching the World Series (which was far better than the 5-10 minutes I spent watching last year's Fall Classic.) I must say, for better or worse, this year's Series has been very entertaining. There has been plenty of drama and plenty of intestinal fortitude on display. Here are some of the highlights thus far:

  • Chase Utley for MVP -Seriously. The Phillies could've lost last night and I could still see him as the MVP of the series. He's set the World Series record for home runs with five (tying Reggie Jackson's 1977 record) and he's absolutely proving that he's one of the most dangerous hitters in the game. 100% Grade A Savage.
  • Mariano Rivera is the best closer ever - I didn't need this year's Series to tell me that, but he proves it time and time again. I could also see him getting the MVP if he closes out Game 6 or 7. His 39 pitch, 2 inning save was undeniably great.
  • Ryan Howard is a flawed hitter - Really?! 11 strikeouts? Is Howard going to break the strikeout record for a World Series? Well, he's only one away, so yes, he is. He's horrible at hitting left handed pitching. It seems like Howard has been feasting off of average pitching and folds up against good/great competition. He's been wildly exposed in this series.
  • Johnny Damon is killing it - Just when you think this guy is irrelevant, he comes into a contract year and is nails. His steal of second and third in Game 4 was a great heads-up play and he's been coming through in the clutch over and over. It's impressive.
  • Giants fans still can't figure out how Pedro Feliz hit a clutch home run off Joba Chamberlain. Can any of you?
  • The Series gets even better tomorrow when Pedro Martinez takes the mound against his old buddies. Pedro vs. the Yankees does make the Series a bit more interesting, doesn't it?
Playoff baseball can be an amazing thing to watch, and so far this Series has not disappointed anyone. Hopefully there's more excitement to come.


Tony B. said...

Damn that Chase Utley pic is WAY bigger than I thought it was!

GMoney said...

Maybe, just maybe, the Yankees will stop throwing Utley fastballs right down the middle. The guy behind him is fucking terrible. WHY AREN'T THEY PITCHING AROUND JOHNNY SLICKBACK!!!

It ends tomorrow. My dad will be there and he rarely ever loses playoff games that he attends.

Tony B. said...

I have no idea why the Yankees even pitch to Utley. He should get the Barry Bonds treatment at this point.

Should be a great game tomorrow.