Monday, December 21, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: Face Punch Edition

There could be no better topic for today's post (post #350) than a girl getting punched in the face. Now, to be clear- I am not in favor of girls getting punched in the face. At all. End of story. However, popular culture has been buzzing recently with Snookie from the Jersey Shore getting punched in the face by a school teacher who is now not a school teacher because he punched a girl in the face.

With that intro in mind, I will now re-tell the exciting story of my show on Saturday night. One more thing before I begin- some of this is hearsay, so by no means is this supposed to be an legally binding, official statement. Let's just say this is for entertainment purposes only.

I arrived at the Boxing Donkey like any other night, set up, and prepared to play a rocking 3 hour set. Near the beginning of my set, a group of people showed up that seemed a bit off. Two girls, two guys- of the two girls, one was skinnier with a white top, the other had a heavier build with a red dress. Of the two guys, one had a black shirt, the other had a white shirt. The guy in the black shirt and the girl in the red dress seemed to be together, wasted, and having a disagreement. She seemed to be one of those girls that has a mouth on her when she imbibes Uncle Johnny's Cough Medicine. By that same token, the guy did not seem to be all that sympathetic toward her whining- which can be quite a bad combination.

From my point of view, I was playing up in the front of the bar, ironically playing "With a Little Help From My Friends," when a rush of people went from the front of the bar to the back near the patio. I could immediately tell something was wrong. I reluctantly kept playing- and wrapped up the song as fast as I could. I decided to take a break to let things blow over. Then I saw...

The girl in the red dress covering her face and running toward the front door. She had obviously been punched in the face. Her nose was blown up and she was bleeding profusely. The staff got her a towel to bleed into and a chair to sit on. This was good because she looked like she was about to double over from the loss of blood, the ingested alcohol and the likely concussion she experienced.

The police, ambulance and fire trucks arrived after someone called 9-1-1. With a little break-time investigation, I found out the one of the guys (I think the white shirted guy) had punched the girl in the face. I believe it went down like this- the girl got a little mouthy, the guy put his hand around her neck to choke her, the girl pushed the guy off of her, he then pushed her into a wall. When she bounced off the wall she came back toward the guy, and that is when he punched her in the face. This all happened out on the back patio area. Talk about ruining the vibe for a show!

I talked to a couple at the bar, and the said the guy who punched the girl in the face had actually said earlier in the night, "I hate that girl, I'm going to choke her by the end of the night." Even worse, and I hope this isn't true, I heard that the guy who punched the girl was actually an off-duty Roseville Police officer. Now if that is true, that dude better lose his job (much like the teacher who punched Snookie.)

Overall, it definitely affected the crowd for the rest of the night. Many people left, and it sounded like rumors circulated the downtown Roseville area- "Did you hear that girl at the Donkey got stabbed in the face?!"

So this is the part where I invite everyone to come out on New Year's to the Boxing Donkey! I'll be playing and we're assuming that no girls will be getting punched in the face. There's no cover and there will be a New Year's toast (I believe it is going to be a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream, if I'm not mistaken.) It really is a great place to hang out besides that one bad episode, so come on out and be ready to party!


GMoney said...

Just admit it...this story is sort of awesome. It's like you have your own Jersey Shore at your disposal. Better hit the tanning salon now.

Tony B. said...

Tanning salon? I need steroids and a haircut first!

Rae said...

I'm starting to feel left out! Maybe I should pick a fight with a public-servant douchebag so I can lose a tooth/ break a nose, too...