Monday, December 7, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

What a busy/rocking weekend!

Friday night I had the opening slot at the G St Pub in Davis (opening for the excellent band Automatic Rival- they sound similar to Jimmy Eat World, if not a little more punk.) I got the gig because the original opening band, Jetset Society, had the unfortunate situation of their drummer having his drum kit stolen. I asked one of the members of the band, Dusty, if he wanted to learn a couple tunes and sit in on bass guitar for me on Friday. We worked out 5 tunes. I got my drummer Bart to show up and all of a sudden we had full band Tony B. originals live and on stage. It was a lot of fun. Here was the set list:




It was a great time, and we might try it again on January 8th (details forthcoming...)

Saturday, after watching Florida get dominated by Alabama and cheering for Texas to lose to a team that rhymes with my last name, I headed out to the Boxing Donkey in Roseville to play another show.

The Boxing Donkey shows consist mostly of cover songs to keep people dancing and singing, and that's exactly what happened. I can tell that I'm improving on my game over there because the the people of the Donkey were very pleased with the results of Saturday's show. On top of that, drunken people were either hitting on me, taking my lyrics cheater binder (hey! I can't memorize all 250 songs!), stealing the chair that the binder was resting on, and stumbling into my microphone in general. I'm going to take some credit for getting a drinking friendly vibe, and luckily I knew some songs off the top of head while my binder was MIA. Basically, it boiled down to a drunken sing-a-long fest in old town Roseville.

I'm playing there again on the 19th and a New Year's Eve thing is in the works so check back!

Sunday brought a day of rest, football, Mario Kart Wii, and six loads of laundry (fun!) What to say about the NFL this week?

- The Bears won and I don't care and still haven't seen highlights. Thanks for winning so you can have worse draft picks. Oh right, you traded your first rounder away, so I guess it's not that big a deal.

- We had the Saints/Redskins on in morning along with the Raiders/Steelers. Both were surprisingly great games. Too bad I missed the end of Saints/Redskins due to the beginning of the Niners/Seahawks. I'm not going to get into which way some of the Saints/Skins replay calls should have gone, but I will say that I started Robert Meecham in Fantasy so I was happy to see him turn a Brees interception into a fumble strip and touchdown.

- In the battle of old geezers, concussed Kurt Warner wins versus Brett Favre. I suppose I'm happy because I hate Warner less than Favre. I wonder if Warner will get into the Hall of Fame? It's an odd question due to his awfully streaky and inconsistent career, but I think he might actually get in.

And now we're back to Monday. Ugh. We have a trip planned to Reno this weekend to celebrate Mrs. B.'s birthday, but there is lots of snow on the mountains and I'm a bit worried about how we're going to get up there. Here's to hoping for better weather!


GMoney said...

On one of the Skins sites that I frequent, somebody said that the first offseason acquisition for the Skins this year should be a priest. I could not agree more. They have to be the unluckiest team in football. They aren't good mind you, but it feels like even when they play well, shit really really happens.

Tony B. said...

Unless that priest is also 6'0", 210 lbs., runs a 4.25 40 and can replace LaRon Landry at Free Safety, I think you're better off drafting an actual football player.

Besides, you know that Daniel Snyder won't hire a priest. That would get in the way with him selling his soul to the devil.

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