Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Night's Show...

So we had our most recent edition of Live Band Karaoke last night and, to be honest, it didn't go quite as well as we hoped. It's quite an interesting issue when we practice for four hours and get through 10-12 songs, add them to the list, and then by chance no one picks them. No one wanted to rock "Billie Jean" or "Hard to Handle." No one wanted to rock "Light My Fire" or "With A Little Help From My Friends."

We had to reach far back in our memory banks to come up with older songs from our list that, while easy, we really hadn't played or listened to in quite some time (i.e. "Friend of the Devil" or "Stuck In The Middle.")

But we will not be deterred. Despite the disappointment that lingers, we did not sound bad- just not up to the standards we were hoping for. We are going to continue practicing and locking these new songs up (while reviewing some of the old ones.)

I highly recommend coming out getting up on stage to sing. There are lots of karaoke bars, but what place has a karaoke where you actually join the band? Not too many places.

I have another show tonight where we will be playing mostly originals. It should be fun:

G St Pub in Davis, CA 10pm- opening for Automatic Rival

Have a great weekend!


GMoney said...

I hate that Steeler's Wheel song. That is all.

Tony B. said...

After last night- I DO TOO.