Friday, December 11, 2009

Off To Reno...

Alright folks, Mrs. B. and I (and friends) are going up to the Peppermill once again. If we don't die in the snow on the way up or freeze to death in below 0 degree temperatures, then you will most likely find us at the Craps tables tonight with many drinks consumed. Having just watched "Jersey Shore" last night for the first time ever, I'm ready to treat Reno in a very "The Situation"-esque way. That show is unreal. I can't believe a dude socks "Snookie" in the face next week!

Anyway, I'm looking for betting advice for the weekend. 1-3 NFL games would probably do the trick. Any good bets you have your eye on? I hate to say it, but I saw Green Bay -3 over the Bears and that looked pretty enticing (I should rot in hell for saying that.)

I'm coming back on Monday, so hopefully I'll post late Monday with some adventures. Have a great weekend, and try to keep warm.


Rae said...

soen't punch snickers next week... it's jsut sometime this season. WAIT FOR IT!!!


you're welcome ;)

Have fun this weekend!

Tony B. said...

Wow, just ran a few of the people going to Reno this weekend through the Jersey Shore Nickname generator:

Me: The Operation
Mrs. B.: The Tight End
Christine: C-Pop
Katrina and her husband John: Tan-tric and Tan Jovi, respectively.

That is amazing.

GMoney said...

Look at some of the t-shirts they sell in that store...just awful.

The Redskins are actually favored in Oakland. Take the Raiders. Haynesworth isn't playing.

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