Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Piece of Advice

Mrs. B. went to get her hair cut yesterday. Because we're a bit tight on funds these days, she found that her friend from high school teaches at a beauty college, so she could get a cheap yet good hair cut there. The trade off is that the haircut takes a long time because one of the students is allowed to participate in said haircut. You are essentially volunteering your time for a less expensive haircut.

Wednesday is Senior Day down at the beauty college so there were many older ladies getting their hair done at the same time Mrs. B. was in there. It turns out Orlando Magic player Matt Barnes' 80 year old grandmother was one of those older ladies.

When Grandma Barnes (maybe not her actual name, but we'll go with it for the purpose of the blog) found out that Mrs. B. went to the same high school as Matt and had known Matt and some of his siblings, she was ready to have some serious conversation. Matt's brother James is apparently a cook:

"James is turning into a fine chef! He used to be fat- but now his cooking much healthier!"

Attention turned to the stylist's sleeve tattoo:

"I hope that comes off. No? Well it looks like shit! I just hate tattoos!"

Then it turned to Mrs. B.'s love life:

"You married? Well let me give you a piece of advice- F*** a lot! You know why? Because one day this [points to the genital region] and that [points off into the distance at a penis somewhere in the world] ain't gonna work, so you need to get as much of that in as possible!"

Awesome! Matt Barnes' 80 year old grandma is handing out sex advice at the hair place! Your point is well taken Grandma Barnes. I only hope that my readers, my wife, and I are able to heed your advice in the coming years (not all in the same room, of course, but you get the point.)

Enjoy your Thursday- I know I will if Milton Bradley is off the Cubs by the end of the day!


Clarkster said...

Grandma Barnes sounds like the lady tiger needs to do his sit down interview with she'll give him the straight shit.

Tony B. said...

She definitely does not screw around. She gets right to he point.

GMoney said...

She hates tats yet her grandson is a walking billboard.

I love that she points to invisible dongs. When I get old, I want to make people feel uncomfortable by talking about fucking, too.

Tony B. said...

I have a feeling you will be a funny, dirty, and uncomfortable to be around old man, G$.

Rae said...

bahaha! enjoy "this" and "that" ;)

Adrianne, Wedding Chicks "Real Bride" Blogger said...
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Adrianne, Wedding Chicks "Real Bride" Blogger said...

Hey! you didn't mention my awesome $7 haircut. hah!