Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saved By The Bell: A Home For Christmas

TBS plays Saved By The Bell re-runs every morning and appropriately, they played this Christmas themed episode today. And while I still love the show, I had to laugh at how ridiculous much of this episode was.

If you recall, Zack hits on a blond girl that works at the mall. He puts the mack down on her, and can't figure out why she would be reluctant to get with the coolest guy in the LA area?!?! And the same time, Screech and Zack run into a bearded man shaving at the sink in the mall bathroom. Zack deduces that the man is homeless (dun dun duuuuuun!) I mean, I'm sure there are lots of homeless men that discreetly walk around high class Beverly Hills malls and shave in the bathroom with no one bothering them.

Later, when Zack finally gets the blond, Laura, to go out with him, he sees the homeless man and makes a comment. Laura immediately changes her mind about going out with Zack. It turns out (wait for it-) that the homeless man is Laura's father (what a coincidence!!!)

So in the white-washed reality of Saved By The Bell, there the only thing different about homeless and not homeless is literally the fact that the guy has a beard (and even then, the homeless man, Mr. Benton, was still able to trim up his the neck portion of his beard.) This is almost as ridiculous as someone getting addicted to Caffeine Pills!

Throw in a boss that acts like Mr. Scrooge from "A Christmas Carol," Laura getting accused by said boss of stealing a blazer for her homeless dad, then the boss ending up apologizing and giving Laura the blazer (which I'm sure will magically earn him a job) and you have the recipe for a phenomenally cheesy Christmas episode. In the end, Zack talks his mom into letting the Bentons stay with them until Mr. Benton can get back on his feet (or until Zack can get a little play from his daughter.) Mr. Benton actually says, "We've been in California 2 months, and you're the first people to help us out at all." Really? You lost your job, became homeless, and you're first idea is, "Let's go to California! The land of the highest inflation and housing costs in the nation!" No wonder this guy lost his job.

Would Zack have done any of this if the guy's daughter wasn't hot (I'm using the word "hot" very loosely)? Nope. And that my fellow readers, is the true meaning of a Saved By The Bell Christmas!


GMoney said...

Laura was disgusting anyway. Zack must have been drunk or not trying that week.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, definitely lower standards on Zack's part. I'll give him a pass on this one because "homeless blond" was on his list of "Things To Do."