Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Target Nightmare

Mrs. B. and I went to Target the other day to exchange an item from our wedding registry. I hate having to return things (I'm not sure if this is a male trait or an individual trait, but either way...) so I was shying away from the situation. This is compounded by the fact that I don't like returning gifts. I was not in my most favorite situation.

In this case though, the item we were returning is something we did want initially, but now that we've moved in many of our new gifts, realized we don't have room for it, and since Mrs. B. lost her job, we were in need of some other supplies and this was the gift was easiest to return and live without for the moment.

So what is the point of having a registry somewhere? Well, in my opinion, it is twofold. One, to get some sort of reward program. If you register at Macy's, you rack up points based on purchases made off your registry and eventually you get a gift card. Seems like a great reason to register somewhere.

Two, it makes returning things easier. What's the point of having a running list proving which gifts you received, if you are unable to exchange items easily. A great example of this was when I put towels on our Macy's registry, my colorblindness got the best of me and we got light green towels rather than the gray ones we wanted (I have an issue with companies making up fancier names for their colors- just call it green or gray or black or blue- no need for ridiculous names!) We easily exchanged the towels for the correct ones, and my colorblindness was excused.

Back to our Target situation, we printed out the registry. It did not have the item on it. This was a little confusing since we clearly received this item off the registry. I didn't think much of it until the woman at the counter refused to return the item. She treated us like we were trying to pull a fast one on her.

My initial thought was, why even have a registry here? It seems like things should be easier than this. Items magically not showing up on the list that we printed out? It doesn't make sense. My second thought was, I can print out a different page that would have the product on the registry. I go over to the kiosk, and magically print out the page when all the items. It turns out that Target breaks up their products on registries into "Store Bought" and "Online Only."

Proof in hand, Mrs. B. tries to return it again. This time she goes to a different customer service lady. The original lady ran over to the second lady and immediately said rudely, "You have to have a packing slip to return this. Don't you have the packing slip?" Being that we were working with Macy's previously and had a great experience exchanging items, we weren't aware of any packing slip requirement. At that moment, we still doubted that Target had any requirement. Mrs. B. tried to present the new page that I printed off the computer, and they lady would not even look at it. She replied with, "You have to go home and print up a receipt, get the packing slip and come back. We can't help you." It was unpleasant to say the least.

Back in the car, we decided to go home, get the packing slip, and drive immediately back. This lady had been rude to the wrong newlyweds. It took us literally 5 seconds to find the packing slip, we were back in the car, and it was on!

As I said, I'm not a huge fan of these situations, but I decided to tag along because I couldn't miss the action. Upon seeing us, the original rude lady said, "Ok, let me know show you now how to print out a return receipt." Mrs. B. replied, "You told us to go home and get the packing slip, so we did. Now you're telling us you could've printed this return receipt here in store?"

Rude lady said, "I was trying to tell you, I'll help you print it out-" and she stepped around the counter and I stepped in front of her. I was fed up with her bullshit.

"You're not helping us anymore, and we need to see a manager." I felt her forward momentum recoil backwards. I looked at the other girls behind the counter, "Can you call a manger?" I asked.

The manager arrived and I took the reins. The main point in all of this was that the customer service lady was rude, refused to help us, gave us wrong information, then after we left and she realized she could've helped us instead of treating us like tricksters, she tried to play it off like she was going to help us but we didn't understand what she was telling us originally. I just about flipped my lid when other employees had to go to the computer kiosk and print out a return receipt from our registry- that could've been done 25 minutes ago! Unforutnatley, the first customer service lady was unwilling to step around the counter and instruct us in the ways of the Target kiosk. I guess it's our fault for not being masters of the Target kiosk. Remind me to look into any upcoming training seminars like Target kiosks are the ulimate in technology. I'm fairly certain your actual job is help people like us, so if you're going to be rude and not help- what are you actually doing at your job!?!?!?!?

After making the return, I made sure to tell the manager, "We were going to use our credit tonight at your store, but now we are going to make sure to spend credit at a different Target store because this experience was so horrible." She apologized. I mean, really, there was nothing much she could say at that point. The best part was that the original lady was right there to here all of our complaints, and at the very least I hope I ruined her day (because she needlessly ruined ours.)

The manager did come back over and give us 3 $3 off coupons that were essentially gift cards (we could use them simultaneously) so that did soften the horrible experience at least a little bit.

Sorry Target in Natomas, we will not be shopping at your store ever again. To be honest, I also recommend not registering at Target for wedding stuff. We registered there mostly for electronics and a few other things, but find somewhere else to get those things because it has been difficult throughout the entire process.


GMoney said...

We had a small Target registry but fortunately had no issues with a few "takebacks". They must have smelled your scheister musk.

Granderson for a bunch of guys who aren't impact players??? I like.

Tony B. said...

I just saw that- nice three-way for you, G$!

Tony B. said...

I looked at it again- Yanks and Tigers did well in the deal. The D'Backs must be really high on E. Jackson and Ian Kennedy, but I wouldn't have made that trade if I was them.

Clarkster said...

Target is terrible. They treated us the same way when we went to return a griddle that ended up being to big to use. and when we didn't have the gift receipt they acted like I hid the thing under my shirt and stole it. I don't know what the solution is it's still better than shopping at walmart with the hill billies and brothas with the al pachino as scarface shirts.

Tony B. said...

That's the trade off with WalMart, reasonable prices but you have to tolerate the surrounding environment.

I am glad to know I'm not the only one with a terrible experience- misery loves company, especially at Target.