Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods Scores In Many Holes- Then Loses

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Tiger's situation because 1) I am following his story about as loosely as Jaimee Grubbs herself and 2) I've never cheated on a girlfriend/wife, ever. However, since everyone seems to have an opinion on this matter of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with any number of 1-3,000,000 women, I might as well throw mine in there as well.

My initial reaction was a deep sigh of, "Surprise, surprise. Another athlete/celebrity cheated on his wife. Big deal." As much as I disagree with Tiger's choices (and I disagree strongly with them), I'm not about to waste a second of emotion (disgust, anger, amazement, etc.) on some billionare that I don't know personally. Poor people with little less options seem to find ways to cheat on their spouses, so why would anyone be shocked that a man with over a billion dollars (leading to plenty of hot options that he apparently still passed on to go with less attractive/easy options- why do men always cheat on their wives with less attractive women?) would cheat on his wife?

And yet, just because there are more options and travel in Tiger's life, he still made the choices he made, and why wouldn't he reap the public ridicule of his "transgressions?" His public apology all but admits to cheating on his wife (see: Jason Giambi and steroids), but he still found the courage to rip the media in the process. He wants his cheating to be a private matter between him and his family. This concept is almost laughable...

What is the greatest moment of your life Tiger? Was it your wedding? Doubtful based on your actions. Was it winning your first Masters? Winning your most recent Major Championship? Was it signing a deal with Nike to make you millions of dollars? Or how about signing the deal with EA Sports to have your own video game franchise? Now, maybe it could've been the birth of your child- but once again, I have to believe that based on your actions that you were enjoying the championships in golf and the fame that came with it a bit more.

The point is- these moments were in the public eye. Having a good round of golf at Augusta would probably be a great day for any average person- but having a great fourth day in a row and winning a green jacket with thousands of spectators and millions of people watching on TV makes a moment of a lifetime. So if you enjoyed your best moments on the backs of the public fans, viewers, and media, can we not say that it is fair for your worst moment to also be in the public eye? It's the price of fame.

And don't give me the load of crap, "All celebrities cheat." Why have I never seen Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day getting caught cheating when he probably deals with thousands of groupies every year who are begging him take a "Dookie" on their chest? Because he has the self control to NOT CHEAT (by the way, Billie Joe- if you ever get caught cheating and ruin my argument based around your behavior, I'm going to be upset!) Billie Joe has stayed true to wife through all the hit records and he should be respected for that. We can't say the same thing for Tiger.

So there you have it. I initially didn't care. I still pretty much don't. I personally do think it's his own business, so I won't seek out more information on the story. However, I do think that the media and the public do have a right to be curious if they choose to be, based on how much time and money the public has spent supporting Tiger and making him a household name. After all, his billion dollars didn't just appear out of thin air.


GMoney said...

I don't care. I am one of those people that assumes every athlete cheats in one way or another. These guys aren't saints.

I just find it laughable that people think that Tiger OWES them an explanation (Rick Reilly). He doesn't OWE you anything. You have nothing to do with this.

Whitlock wrote a good article about this at foxsports yesterday.

Tony B. said...

I might have accidentally inferred that he owes the public (he really doesn't owe them anything) I just think it's stupid for Tiger to expect that no one should be curious about the story when a billion dollar athlete and house-hold name does something ridiculous and irresponsible.

Now should Tiger go forward by explaining, keeping quiet, or creating a PPV channel where the public can pay to see him cheat on his wife- that's not for me to say. Nothing is owed, but there are more intelligent ways of moving forward.

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