Friday, December 18, 2009

Under-Appreciated Bands of the 1990s: Gigantic

Gigantic was formally known as Flesh For Lulu, and ironically, that's what they are know as today. They only released one album in 1996. While promoting their album, they toured with Bush and the Goo Goo Dolls, yet those efforts were futile. The album never fully caught on.

However, I highly recommend listening to it. It was re-released under Flesh For Lulu and the album is now called "Gigantic." Here's a clip of the song "Disenchanted:"

And for those that might be wondering why I haven't been talking about sports much- well, the answer is obvious. The Bears are eliminated from contention, the Bulls recently lost to the Nets, and the Cubs still have a hemroid named Milton Bradley.

I'm playing in Roseville tomorrow night at the Boxing Donkey - 300 Lincoln St - so come on out and enjoy yourself.


GMoney said...

Cubs still have a hemroid named Milton Bradley.

NOT ANYMORE!!! Sounds like you now have the 300 pound burrito named Carlos Silva. He and Zambrano will dominate MLB's pitching lucha libre tag team division.

Tony B. said...

There's nothing lucha libre about these two. They could take on Yokozuna and Rikishi in a tag match.

It's like trading one problem for another. Ugh.

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