Monday, January 4, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: 2010

It's the first Monday of 2010. I'm back to work, and I couldn't be less excited. I've enjoyed leisurely burning days away by playing Mario Kart Wii, watching college of pro football, playing music, or watching Lord of the Rings on TNT. But now it's time look back at the break that was:

- I still haven't seen Avatar. We're going to try to get to an IMAX 3D showing, but they keep selling out. Anyone seen it? Is it worth this much trouble?

- Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears provide me the best fan experience of the season with their win against the Vikings last Monday. This goes squarely in the category of "Too Little, Too Late" and disappoints Bears fans even further to see what happens when the team actually plays well. Did you know, Jay Cutler threw for 8 touchdowns and 1 interception in his last two games combined? Hopefully he can carry that momentum into next year.

- New Year's Eve was fun. I played a show at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville and I'm proud to report that no women were punched in the face during the time I was there. In fact, it was relatively packed and the crowd was pretty good about singing along and having a good time, in general. I had never played on New Year's Eve before because I figured it would be a mess, but this experience has changed my perception of the night (to some degree- however, it is still quite an amateur night for drinkers.)

- I managed to get the gym many times during the break, so I guess I was productive in that regard. The best part was that I never ran into anyone weird at the gym. Everyone was on the best behavior and not having any 'roid rage episodes.

- The Cubs signed Marlon Byrd. Another ex-Ranger with the initials "M.B." to play the outfield in Wrigley? Yikes.

- That Sunday Night Game was awful. How in the hell did the NFL scheduling people manage to create three re-matches next week of three blow out games (Cowboys/Eagles, Packers/Cardinals, Jets/Bengals)? At least one of the results from yesterday will be different next week but we'll get to that tomorrow.

Until then, Happy New Year...


GMoney said...

I like the Byrd signing actually. Although I do wonder why anyone would throw a lefthander at the Cubs considering that they have zero comptetent lefthanded sticks.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, that was their problem that they tried to fix last year, but we all know how Mr. Bradley worked out.

I'm just hoping their pitching keeps them in games and some of their hitters have bounce back years with the new hitting coach (I'm looking at you, Alfonso Soriano!)

Clarkster said...

ungitAvatar was well worth seeing I saw it on opening night in 3-D and it was really good I give it a solid B+. also I'v ripped through about half of Bill Simmons The Book Of Basketball and i'm really enjoying it and I think you will like it too.