Monday, January 11, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Well, that was a weird weekend. I had a show and worked out both days, but I still felt wildly unproductive. No idea how that works, but let's get on with the Monday blog entry anyway:

- So the last playoff game of the weekend was very good. But let's be honest, the overall weekend of NFL games was pretty terrible. Seriously. My predictions were horrible (though, I'm delighted that the Packers ended up losing in such crushing fashion- I can almost taste the tears of the Green Bay faithful.) Let's just hope next week's slate of games lives up to the hype.

- On Saturday night I witnessed a car accident. Mrs. B. and I were going to get yogurt at Mochii in downtown Sacramento. The block was pretty busy, but we saw someone pulling out of their spot so I threw on my blinker and waited patiently. Unfortunately, the car behind me decided to be the opposite of patient. They came up on me quite quickly, and I'm not sure they understood that putting my blinker on is the universal sign for "I'm waiting to take this parking spot." So they zoomed around me on my right (it was a one way street and I was on the left side of the street.) This would have been ok if they didn't decided to cut me back off. Obviously, he crashed into the car that was pulling out of the space. Mrs. B. and I were stunned for a second, then we took the spot and got out to talk to the people who had pulled out of the spot. I gave them my name and number in case they needed a witness for insurance purposes. Yogurt outing ruined.

- I am right now listening to a rough mix of my new album. It sounds pretty damn good. I am a little self conscious with a couple parts of the album, but overall I'm very excited to get it out officially. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about the record in the coming weeks because the updates will be happening here.

- I enjoyed this skit from the Charles Barkley SNL:


GMoney said...

At least Packers fans still have their health! Seriously, I am LOVING all the whining about how it was a facemask on Rodgers. It didn't have any impact on the play at all, but one thing I do know is that is was a fumble, bitch!!!

Tony B. said...

And Packers' fans' health is quite questionable considering their diet is almost completely composed of cheese, sausage, and chocolate. Whine about it all you want- the facemask was an awesome bonus rather than a reason to call the play back.