Monday, January 25, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I've got three things to talk about today-

1) I finally saw Avatar. While we were unable to make it out to an IMAX viewing, we did see it in 3D which was quite amazing. I'm used to watching 3D stuff with this paper glasses that have one lens of deep red and the other lens is blue. This was not the case at all for Avatar. The movie's colors were not distorted and the field of vision was amazing to watch. The movie itself was very good, despite the storyline feeling like it's been done before (Ferngully, anyone?)

A pretty funny sidenote: Spencer Hawes of the Sacramento Kings admitted he was cheering for the humans to win the final battle during Avatar. So let me get this straight, Spencer- you wanted the characters that were portrayed as money hungry and ruthless militarist a-holes to rape and pillage the foreign planet that they (the humans) had no real reason to be on in the first place? Are you planning on also mentioning that you were watching the History Channel World War II documentary series and that you had to admit that you were cheering for the Nazis to come out on top? Let's file this one in the "keep it to yourself since you are a professional athlete and not a blogger who can say whatever he wants."

2) The Colts and The Jets - I really enjoyed this game. I figured the Colts would win, but the Jets played a very good first half. It really made the dynamic of the game more interesting. Had the Jets got down early, the whole game would have been ruined. As it stood, it was 20-17 going into the 4th quarter, which helped to keep my attention. Peyton Manning (as annoying as he might be) proved why everyone thinks he is such a great QB. He was getting pressured early, yet made some adjustments (that includes his O-Line as well) and he looked much more comfortable in the second half. It was a well-played mental game where the better team won. For the record, I wanted the Colts to win this game, but in general, I hate them and hope they lose in dramatic (like Brett Favre-disaster) fashion.

3) The Saints and The Vikings - Now this was a great game! The Saints' defense took the Ivan Drago "If he dies, he dies" attitude into this game against Brett Favre and it wore him down to the point where he threw across his body for another crushing interception at the end of a NFC championship game. Look, the guy is obviously tough. He took some serious punishment and managed to stay in the game (at age 40!). But let's keep it real, it was his choice to comeback and that's part of the game. If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the place where it will be extremely hot. I hope Favre finally walks away, but knowing him, this loss could restart the exact scenario that brought him back two years ago. Seriously Brett, just retire. It was uncomfortable watching you get carried off the field and then FOX panning to your wife who looked like she was worried for your life. Walk away now, while you still can.

So, as predicted, we have a Colts/Saints Super Bowl. I can't wait to see what storylines develop and it should be a pretty good game. Why do we really have to wait 2 weeks for the Super Bowl? I know everyone needs to be healthy, but c'mon! It's way too long! (At least this isn't College Football, though...)


Rae said...

I'm happy Favre didn't get his superbowl (that dick), but I really want the Saints to win becasue 1. NOLA needs one, and 2. Peyton needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

Tony B. said...

I never like the "This team deserves to win because their region needs it" argument (yeah, I cheered against the Yankees after 9/11- what of it?) but in this case, I also am cheering for the Saints. Drew Brees is the man, and I'd like to see him one a Super Bowl.

GMoney said...

The NFC game was brilliant. Favre got f'n destroyed all game long and still had the energy left to fail miserably. That was perfect.

20-17 in the third quarter and the Jets hand the ball off. The Colts safety comes in and buries Sanchez AFTER A HANDOFF and there was no flag thrown. What the fuck?

If you aren't rooting for the Saints, you have no soul.

GMoney said...

You just admitted to cheering for Curt Schilling. You are dead to me.

Tony B. said...

Nah, I was cheering for Mark Grace and Matt Williams- Curt was unfortunately on the team.

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