Thursday, January 21, 2010

K-Ci & JoJo Youtube Comments

You might be familiar with many of the internet sites that have the general public write witty comments or send in ridiculous photos and then the webmaster is the only person who profits from it. Great examples of these sites are:

Well, I have stumbled upon one that really doesn't exist except on My employee, Brian keeps mentioning that my Live Band Karaoke band needs to cover a K-Ci & Jo-Jo song- preferably "All My Life."

First I laughed at him. But then I thought about it, and realized maybe it's not a terrible idea. Being the savvy internet user that I am, I went to YouTube to remind myself how the song goes (I know, you're shocked it's not on my iPod- I have limits people.) Anyway, I began to read the comments below the video and it entertained me for quite awhile. In fact, I contend that the comments below this video are the funniest I've seen on YouTube- ever. See for yourself:

K-Ci & JoJo "All My Life"

Since I don't like sitting on the sidelines, I decided to get involved. Here is my comment complete with grammatical errors:

You may have to click on it to see the whole thing. I'm urging everyone to go make a comment on the K-Ci & JoJo video. Try to rile up another YouTube user on the board. Say that you were cheated on and that this song makes you cry gallons of saline. Hell, say that you were a long time groupie and that JoJo gave you the clap. Whatever works for you.

All I know is that these comments are hilarious. Check them out!


GMoney said...

All my life...I pray for someone like you.

Man that song sucks but is easy as hell to get stuck in your head.

Tony B. said...

The song's quality is definitely sketchy- but the comments below the video on YouTube are so damn funny.

I'm fairly certain having the song stuck in your head for too long will make you go crazy and drill a hole in your head like the guy from "Pi."