Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Try This Again

My playoff predictions were terrible last weekend. I gave into my hate for the Cowboys, my manlove for Tom Brady, and my assumption that the Packers would keep winning just to spite me. I doubt my predictions are any more lucid this weekend, but I will say 1-3 is probably good enough to make me an "expert" analyst on any given network.

I'll take a mulligan for last week and here are my picks this week:

Arizona @ New Orleans - This one is a tough pick. One would think it will be a track meet between these two teams probably resulting in a similar game to the Green Bay/Arizona game. I have no idea what to think of New Orleans since they were man-handled by the Cowboys, then got beat by the Bucs before tanking a game to the Panthers. However, I'm going to assume that Drew Brees can rally the troops and get it done. This is a scary prediction because we all know that Kurt Warner is God's favorite player. New Orleans 42, Arizona 31

Baltimore @ Indy - This ain't the fading New England Patriots that the Ravens are playing. I have to believe the Colts will throw up a solid win. That's not to say the Colts' offense won't be stunted to some degree by the Ravens staunch defense, but in the end I'm going with both #1 seeds to advance to their respective conference championship games. Indy 21, Baltimore 17

Dallas @ Minnesota - This one is so tough to pick. I hate both the teams. I hate both the quarterbacks. I hate both the coaches. Dallas seems to be on a hot streak and yet, at times, the Vikings have looked like the most balanced (read as: best) team in the NFL. In the end, I'm going to factor in two things: 1) the Vikings are in the Bears division and I hate them and 2) the Cowboys have a quarterback with an awesome first name. That settles it, I'm going with the Cowboys. Dallas 24, Minnesota 21

NY Jets @ San Diego - Playoff games in the "Whale's Vagina" are always fun. Remember the game that the Chargers should have beaten the Patriots if not for some very stupid decisions on the Chargers part? That was great TV! In regards to this match-up, everyone keeps talking about the Jets' defense as if it was the second coming of the total hysterectomy to birth control (ok, so that might have been an over the top comparison, but you get the point.) It's my feeling that the Jets don't have enough consistency as a team to advance any further. They were lucky to have played a Bengals team that was spent emotionally and truthfully, played a horrible schedule to get where they got (for example, had the Steelers beaten the Raiders, Chiefs, Bears, and Browns the Bengals would have been a wild card and lost anyway- the Bengals capitalized by beating those weak teams.) Anyway, I think Phillip Rivers has a solid (not huge) game and the Chargers "Electric Glide" all over the Jets. Chargers 27, Jets 17

We'll see how these predictions work out this week. I'm just hoping for a better weekend of football this weekend than last weekend. By the time the Cardinals were up on the Packers 17-0, I was ready to throw in the towel on watching horrible football games. Luckily that game turned around and ended up being exciting. Seriously though, let's have some competitive games and big hits (preferably in the Vikings/Cowboys game.)


GMoney said...

This weekend, we will finally get an answer to the question...who has more pull on sports outcomes?

Is it Jesus or Breesus?

Since you share the same first name with Romo, I automatically dislike you by 2%.

Tony B. said...

I disagree- you should like Romo 2% more because he has my first name.

Even further, Breesus plays for the Saints and Jesus plays for the Cardinals. Far too many religious undertones in this game!

Rae said...

Yeah Chargers!!!

Tony B. said...

Wait a sec... I thought you were a Broncos and Niners fan... it's bad enough that you have two teams, but seriously, you can't have a division rival as your third team! What up with that?

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