Friday, January 8, 2010

Live Band Karaoke

I was up until the early morning hours last night because our Live Band Karaoke band played at the G St Pub in Davis. It was by far our best show as a band. The place was packed, people were singing, drinking, and dancing a ton. I've never seen the dance floor so crowded at the Pub.

On top of that, we have been practicing more, but hadn't totally seen results until last night. Last month, we worked on a bunch of songs, and no one requested them, so we stumbled through some of the less practiced train wrecks and didn't feel great about it. Last night was a different story. We smoked some of our new songs ("Light My Fire," "Billie Jean," and even busted out a "Hey Ya" which we really hadn't practiced.) It felt really good to play in a band that knew what it was doing. We were much more confident (and coherent.) Oh, and G$, we played Danzig "Mother" last night and I literally thought during it- "I bet G$ would sing better than this dude." Who knows if I'm right, but the challenge is out there if you make it back West.

So, to be honest, 4 hours of sleep is not good enough for me to write a decent blog, so this is going to have to be a mail in post, but remember- I'm playing Saturday night (tomorrow):

1/9 Boxing Donkey, Roseville, CA - 300 Lincoln

1/14 Fox & Goose, Sacramento, CA - 1001 R St

Have a great weekend!


GMoney said...

Fantastic. I just got a Blackberry and am fucking around with custom ringtones for some of the people who call me often. Yep, everytime my mother calls me, I get 45 seconds of sweet, sweet Danzig before talking to her.

Tony B. said...

That is the greatest thing I've ever heard. I'm going to have look into for my iPhone. Hearing Danzig on a more regular basis is good for everyone.

GMoney said... gives them out for free.

Tony B. said...

Great tip. Thanks G$- good luck if you're gambling on any of the games this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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