Friday, January 29, 2010

The Opposite of Preference

Initially, I was going to talk about plagiarism (accidental and purposeful) today because this was found yesterday: CLICK HERE. It is awfully similar to the post I put up 8 days previous: CLICK HERE. Now, as the second commenter mentioned (on the post- which happened to have a link on the homepage), Bill Simmons apparently did something similar at the beginning of the playoffs. I haven't read Bill Simmons' stuff in quite sometime, so I have no idea if I ripped off his idea. Anyway, I don't know if these guys came across my blog and ripped the idea off, or if they are just as genius as I am and came up with it on their own. Feel free to check it out and draw your own conclusions.

Now- on to the daily topic: Andre Dawson is the man. "The Hawk" was recently voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and I'm pumped for him. I know that not everyone gets two of their favorite players from their childhood into the Hall of Fame (with a third on the way in Greg Maddux) so I couldn't be happier. What is interesting, though, is the Hall of Fame selecting Andre Dawson's Hall of Fame bust's hat instead of having him select it for himself.

Essentially, the Hall of Fame is going to immortalize Dawson as a Montreal Expo rather than his own preference of being a Chicago Cub. Players used to be able to select their own team until Wade Boggs was reportedly going to get paid loads of cash to select the Tampa Bay Devil Rays hat for his bust. Upon hearing that, the Hall of Fame stripped the players' ability to choose and mandated that they will choose for them instead.

And I do get that rationale to a certain degree. I mean, Wade Boggs was a legendary Red Sox player who ate chicken all the time and always had a batting average higher than Snoop Dogg's normal state of mind. Then Boggs went to play for Red Sox' bitter rival New York Yankees only to be on a World Series championship team and ride a horse around the stadium. It's obvious he was no stranger to trading out on his old team, so why not wear a Devil Rays cap in the Hall of Fame? I mean he did play for the Devil Rays for two whole seasons (though only a total of 213 games.) Hell, he played for the Yankees for 4 seasons and won a World Series with them. There's more of an argument for him to be a Yankee than a Devil Ray.

So, the Hall of Fame stepped in and immortalized Boggs as a Red Sox (or is it a Red Sock- what a stupid team name.) Andre Dawson is a completely different case, yet the Hall of Fame is stepping in on this situation as well. Dawson played 11 years in Montreal and was very good winning 6 gold gloves there and finishing second twice in the MVP voting. However, in his six years with the Cubs, Dawson won two more gold gloves and had a monster MVP season in 1987. "The Hawk" said his preference was to go into the Hall as a Cub. One would think, "Wow, this is pretty close, why don't we go with the inductees preference?" Yeah, why don't you?

The Hall committee explained that for historical purposes, they're going to put him in as an Expo. Since the club no longer exists, they want to have a few members in the Hall to represent the now defunct team. Awesome. I can't believe the Hall is concerned with memorializing a team that never won a championship and was completely annoying. Also, the best chance they ever had to winning a championship was 1994. What happened? Baseball went on strike! The season was truncated and there was no World Series. Is any of this Andre Dawson's fault (or Gary Carter's for that matter)? Nope. But the Hall won't respect Dawson's preference.

Here's a novel idea. Have a Montreal Expos exhibit and talk about all the great things they did while they existed. Here are a few things to include:

- Their stadium was basically asphalt with carpet over it. It ruined and shortened many players' careers by tearing up their knees- including Andre Dawson's.
- They once had Felipe Alou as their manager.
- Dave Dravecky's arm pretty much fell off while on the mound in Montreal.
- Tim Raines' nickname was "Rock."
- The Expos were named after the Expo 67 World's Fair. It is an even worse team name than any team name that ends with an "X." In fact, in the history of baseball, it is the worst team name ever.
- With players like Larry Walker, Marquis Grissom, and Moises Alou, the Expos were so annoying to play. However, I do like the fact that the Cubs clinched the NL East on their home turf in 1989.

So as you can see, the Hall has plenty of reasons to force their decision on Andre Dawson. Why not immortalize a horrible franchise that couldn't stay in business?

I really believe the Hall should rethink their decision making process and at least take player's requests more seriously. We're going to run into this situation more and more with the increase in play movement due to free agency. They should start re-evaluating the whole process now to avoid mistakes like this in the future.


GMoney said...

"I can't believe the Hall is concerned with memorializing a team that never won a championship and was completely annoying."--Are you talking about the Expos or the Cubs???

Does it really matter though? You probably won't ever make it to Cooperstown. You remember The Hawk as a Cub anyway. Isn't that good enough?

Tony B. said...

Hi-OOOOOOOO! G$ brought his jokes today! Just remember, the Cubs were back-to-back champs in 1907 and 1908. That's big time!

I suppose it will have to be good enough. You never know though, I might make it to Cooperstown and now I'll have to spend more time at the Ryno bust rather than the Hawk's.

Rae said...

It's cool that the first comment on that is some guy named Ray calling those guys out for being theifs.

Tony B. said...

Ray Ray is my boy for bringing that up!

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