Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Picks

I don't have much inspiration for today, so let's look at some amusing things that don't need full posts:

- Gilbert Arenas is suspended indefinitely from NBA action: Good. I'm fairly certain most people would lose their job if they brought a gun to work, let alone brandishing it (joking or not) to get a gambling debt from a co-worker. Arenas might need to find a line of work- I imagine his skill-set and references would lead him to be a bookie or a nihilist (not a real nihilist- more like the ones from "Big Lebowski.") All I know is that Washington needs to have a retro-night soon- wear those Washington Bullets jerseys with pride.

- Ochocinco's Rehab: Apparently he said that he tested his injured knee not with conventional tests, but by having sex to see if it would hold up. After the NY Post ran the story, he now says he was joking. I've got to believe the truth is somewhere in the middle, not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things. I do wonder if Chad's thirst for attention gets in the way of his drive to win football games, but I guess will find out this weekend.

- Roberto Alomar was not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: For as great a career as he had, Alomar's spitting incident seemed to keep him from being a first-ballot HOFer. He'll have to wait until next where he will most certainly get in. It's weird how voters seem to relish in making people wait for years until they finally vote them in. I guess numbers can look differently depending on the landscape of the game at the time (currently steroids are affecting numbers and legacys) but either they are or aren't a Hall of Famer. A quick look at a stat sheet and an eye test should be easy enough to figure out if someone belongs in or not. But I suppose my opinion means nothing because I'm not a voter.

- Lost is almost back: Less than a month now... I'm ready to put Lost back in my crack-TV pipe and smoke it! I don't know if that was the approriate metaphor, but who cares? It's about time for this thing to get rolling. The one thing I'm not looking forward to- Lost ending. After it's gone I'm going to have to find a new show to obsess over. Or I guess I could just be a more productive human... Nah- that would never work.

- I finally watched the new Star Trek movie: It was good. The problem is the quality of the Star Trek movie was definitely better than the Star Wars prequel triology, and yet, I'd still probably rather watch Episodes I-III. How can this be? Well, let's keep it real, Star Trek is not now, nor could it ever be, as cool as Star Wars. "Beaming people up" is cool and all, but lightsabers will always be better. Time travel is ok, but compare that to using the force or becoming a blue glowy ghost and we know who the winner is. If you like Sci-Fi stuff, definitely check out the new Star Trek, but realize that the brand is just inferior to Star Wars- and it will always be that way.

- Live Band Karaoke Tonight! G St Pub in Davis at 10pm. Come sing your favorite song that we can play!

- Also, I'm playing Saturday at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville. If you missed out on New Year's Eve, it's now your chance to make up for that. 9:30pm-12:30-ish.


Jack O'Neill said...

I completely agree with you on Gilbert Arenas. Come on Gil, think man!

GMoney said...

Star Trek was solid and I have never seen anything else from the franchise. Although Leonard Nimoy being some sort of oracle kind of pissed me off. And that Quinto guy is a fucking loser. I hope he's the next celeb to die.

Tony B. said...

Jack- thanks for commenting. It's a magical day when you make take the time to grace this comment area with your presence.

Zachary Quinto next to die? Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to happen. Besides, there are plenty of other celebs to clean off Earth before him. I guess as long as "The Situation" is still alive, all will be right with the world.

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