Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All Star Voting By Fans

I know this is late, and probably irrelevant, but I heard Allen Iverson's name on the radio earlier, and became upset. No, not because his 4 year old daughter has a health condition (though that does suck and is the reason I initially heard his name on the radio.) It got me thinking about how in the hell he was voted to the All-Star Team this year.

I have a lot of friends who like the NBA enough to vote for the All-Star Team. Each one of them is knowledgeable enough to not vote for a guy who retired earlier in the year because he's not good anymore, only to sign with his former team that he once had success with. A team, by the way, that is horrible (and an underdog to the Warriors tonight- you don't see that too often.)

So who are these fans that vote for Allen Iverson? If you are a big enough fan to take time out of your day, go to the NBA website, and vote for the All-Star Team, how in the holy hell do you not take the time to watch a couple games. You could watch only highlights and realize that Allen Iverson is no longer one of the NBA's elite.

This happens in all sports where they allow the fans to vote. Many times, it doesn't matter and the fans get it right. But all too often there is a mistake. For all the public outrage at players who used performance enhancing drugs, Manny "I got suspended for 50 games" Ramirez almost got voted to the National League All-Star Team last year. If you are a fan of baseball, you would have at least a basic current understanding of the state of the game. Don't vote if you don't know anything about the game.

So if I'm wrong about any of my friends, and you did in fact vote for Allen Iverson, feel free to comment here. Bare your soul and get it off your mind. You may be subject to ridicule, but at least you'll start the process of repenting for making a common, yet egregious sports fan error.


GMoney said...

You know people who vote for the all-star game? What a bunch of lame-o's!

I agree though. Hell, T-Mac has been up there in voting the past few years and he sucks. Why would anyone vote for AI, McGrady, or Vince Carter when they damn near murdered basketball in the 2000's with their selfish and shitty play?

Tony B. said...

Even when they were good, they were wrecking the game. Great point, G$.

I just can't figure out how you can get motivated to vote for an All-Star team without being motivated enough to actually know anything about the sport.

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