Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Weekend of Work- Play a Violin for Me

My job will have my working pretty hard today and tomorrow, so unfortunately, I'm not going to be all that productive with my post. Here are some things I've found to be either hilarious or interesting:

- Robot Unicorn Attack - Easily the gayest guilty pleasure of all time. It's a flash game where you are a unicorn and you gallop along, jumping over things, and shooting rainbows out of your eyes- all the while listening to "Always" by Erasure. You'll see what I mean.

- I'm currently reading "The Stand" by Stephen King. Only about 70 pages in so far, and that book is beastly. I just hope I finish it. So far, it's still setting everything up.

- Tosh.0 has been the funniest show on TV these days. He's sarcastic, witty, playfully racist/sexist, and shows the cream of the crop of online videos. I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but this is a great example of how funny his show is:

- Also, the new Old Spice commercial is hilarious. I imagine it will be played out by the end of the weekend, but enjoy it now while you can:

- Sending out some love to 2birds1blog writer Meg who was fired yesterday when her bosses found her blog and are now pursuing legal action. She definitely tells things in an honest and hilarious fashion, so hopefully this is her former bosses being initially offended by Meg telling it the way it is. I hope it all works out for Meg, and it is a fine example of why bloggers maybe should be anonymous (note to self- become anonymous.) I have a feeling she'll be fine... just fine. Fine.

Enjoy the weekend while you still can.


GMoney said...

I go through extremely great pains to remain as anonymous as I can. As a matter of fact, if you google my name, I'm pretty sure that my blog will never come up. If my employer ever found out about my site, I would certainly get canned.

Tony B. said...

You do a really good job of remaining anonymous, and I would guess you wouldn't get fired if they found your site... except those posts about your co-worker. That might be trouble, but you haven't done one of those in quite some time.