Monday, February 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Super Bowl Edition

I highly enjoyed the Super Bowl. The game was very well played. Hardly any penalties, or play reviews, or turnovers. It seemed to sail along like an actual football game, rather than the CF spectacle the Super Bowl turns into. I'm just assuming everyone watched the game, so no need for any kind of recap, but here are some things I noticed:

- The Who were the wrong band for the Super Bowl halftime show. I'm fairly certain the crowd only recognized any of the songs because each song they played happened to be the theme song for CBS shows that contain initials (CSI, NCIS, etc.) Instead of having people on the field to act as the crowd, they opted for a massive light show that only separated the crowd and viewer further from the band (rather than making it more intimate.) The Who is a great band, but this was the absolute wrong venue for their talents. The question is, what current band could pull off a halftime show? Someone decently relevant, but still rocking... Maybe the Foo Fighters? Hell, Prince even played one of their songs during his halftime show a couple years ago. Seems like it would work.

- Phil Sims ruined a great moment for me. At the end of the game, Drew Brees was holding his one year old son in triumphant victory with tears in his eyes. It was a wonderful moment that grounded this grand stage in realism for the viewers at home. Watching Brees hold his son (who was wearing large headphones to block out the noise of the celebration) and kiss him on the cheek was emotional. Then Phil Sims piped up, "There is no greater moment that a father can share with his son." Maybe it's true, but then I started thinking, "Crap- I'm never going to win a Super Bowl and be the MVP, so I'll never get to share the greatest moment a father can share with his son." What an ass. Of course, he person can have their individual great moments with their own kids, and how dare Phil Sims ruin a completely awesome moment by having me over think his moronic statement. Remember when Sims got hurt and Jeff Hostetler took the Giants to the Super Bowl. That was awesome because it showed how much the Giants didn't need Sims.

- The Economic situation in New Orleans is effed. Many people are talking about how this win is "Great for the community of New Orleans." Sure, it provides distraction for a community that has been hit with hard times, but is it really good? I heard Mike Tirico say there will be a "small uptick in the community because of all the partying..." I also heard Drew Brees and Sean Payton joke about how "nothing will get done in the New Orleans for a month [due to the Super Bowl celebration and Mari Gras.]" I'm all for slacking off, but if you do nothing at your job, or leave your job for a month, that cannot be helpful for any business. The Saints may have re-ruined the community because everyone will get so distracted (and drunk) that this will lead to even more economic turmoil. Winning a Super Bowl is great, but it's not a reason to not doing anything for a month! That's just silly!

Congrats Saints- you won a great Super Bowl. Now, we get to see if Mike Martz and Jay Cutler can lead the Bears' offense to the Super Bowl next year... ah crap.


GMoney said...

"There is no greater moment that a father can share with his son." Talk about a PHIL-OSOPHY!!!

It's time to start talking about the offseason and the draft, dammit, where my team ALWAYS shines!!!

Tony B. said...

G$, you did a great live blog yesterday- I agree you should do another one for the Draft. In fact, do a podcast so I can mute Chris Berman- he ruins my weekend each year during the Draft.

GMoney said...

If it wasn't for my love of Mel, I would watch NFL Network's coverage.

Tony B. said...

NFL Network is growing on me- besides Michael Irvin.