Monday, February 1, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Honestly, none of you want to hear about my weekend. No shows. Didn't watch any movies. We know there were great sporting events on TV. I mean, what is there to write about? Hmm... let me see if I have anything I can come up with that will be remotely of interest:

- As a musician, you'd probably think I watched the Grammys and hope to one day receive one. Well, that is not true. While I obviously would accept if offered, I would never measure my success as a musician on whether or not I received a Grammy award. There are too many phenomenal musicians that are overlooked year after year by the Grammys to take the award show completely seriously. The Grammys are a Pop Culture award, for the most part, and the award show plays the part (and is boring.) I watched two things, the overdone performance of "21 Guns" by Green Day and a cast of thousands. Apparently having Green Day perform the song by themselves was not big enough for the Grammys, so a bunch of other singers participated. It was very boring.

The second was a naked Pink doing a high wire gymnastics act while drenched in some liquid (I'm not even going to guess what it was.) While her outfit would have looked nice on many other women, Pink just grosses me out. I've never found her attractive, and it definitely affected my perception of this performance.

I don't know who won any of the awards, I'll probably read about that later. I wish they could find a way to make it more interesting. I watched a large portion of the Pro Bowl, which obviously should not be more interesting than re-runs of Seinfeld, let alone the Grammys.

- Speaking of the Pro Bowl... the NFC sucks. How in the world do you lose to an "all-star" team of quarterbacks like Matt Schaub, Vince Young and David Garrad? You give Tony Romo the reigns- that's how. This game deserves no more virtual ink, it was boring, and I'd like to reiterate my hate for Chris Berman. He ruins everything he's involved with.

- LOST is coming back on Tuesday, so you can expect a Wednesday live blog of the 2 hour season premier. That's going to be a late night for me, as we're starting another Men's Basketball League that same night, but that's what I do- I'm a giver.

Yeah, I'm aware that this weekend was pretty boring, but at least we have the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, and Pitchers and Catchers Report the following week! Can't wait to see how the Cubs are going to rip my heart out this year...


GMoney said...

You're right, Pink is disgusting. And I am so sick of Green Day. 1995 Green Day would be mortified at what 2010 Green Day has turned into.


Rae said...

OMG the next best thing after LOST is Tony B's liveblogging the episodes. Can't wait!!!

Tony B. said...

Green Day was much better in their Dookie days. Concept albums and hanging out with Bono might seem like a good idea to them, but it hasn't helped their music.

I have seen about the first four minutes of the LOST premiere already. Holy crap- it's going to be a great final season!

GMoney said...

Mike Martz. Good luck with that.

Tony B. said...

Wow. I'm sure you'll get plenty of satisfaction knowing you were the one who broke the news. Cutler and Martz together sounds like a dynamic duo. Geez.