Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

Stop me if you've heard this one before... a team hires an offensive coordinator thinking that he can turn said offense into a powerhouse that scores zillions of points. At the same time, that team's head coach is on the hot seat, so many people think that the offensive coordinator that was just hired has ulterior motives for taking the job (i.e. he believes he will supplant the head coach upon the head coach's firing.) Oh, it does sound familiar, you say? Yes, it does- and that's because Mike Martz was hired under the same circumstances in San Francisco as he was just hired under in Chicago yesterday.

Am I disappointed? Yes. I do think there is a high probability that this will end in disaster. Jay Cutler needs to learn more discipline with the football, not have a monkey with a crazy smile and banging cymbals yelling at him to "throw the ball deep!" In that sense, I am very worried about the Bears.

Is there possible success? Yes. Martz would not be my first choice as coordinator, but he's also not last on the list. As long as he doesn't try to sign J.T. O'Sullivan to replace Cutler as the starting QB, there is still a possibility that Martz's crazy schemes work and the Bears' offense starts producing points at a rapid rate. The definitely need an improved offensive line and they also need to not forget about Matt Forte (or whoever is running the ball- they need an improved running game is my overall point.) I don't trust Martz to do that, but I'm going to reserve my judgment and see what the mad scientist has up his sleeve.

The biggest issue I have is that the Bears' offense was actually not that bad late in the season. They seemed to have gelled to some degree and beat Brett Favre in what will hopefully be his last trip to Soldier Field.

The defense is probably more of the issue- which should be helped by the return of field general Brian Urlacher. I'm more concerned about who they will hire as defensive coordinator (and I can't help wondering why they ever fired Ron Rivera after they went to the Super Bowl?!?!?!?)

So stop me if you've heard this all before. I've seen this franchise run itself in circles since firing Mike Dikta as coach in 1992. True, they accidentally got to the Super Bowl on the back of Devin Hester and a good defense, but they have no idea who they are or what they want to be. I have a feeling Lovie Smith's monotone message has grown stale, and he will eventually be fired. That said, I hope to the heavens above that Mike Martz doesn't replace him.


GMoney said...

As a fan of a team who just "enjoyed" a 4 win season, enjoy your 4 win season next year. There is no excuse for any team hiring Martz.

Tony B. said...

I'm not going to be depressed about next season before this season is even over, but I do agree with your comment in principle.