Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST: Lighthouse

This should be quite a good episode. I'm excited to see some more follow-up with the Temple-Folk. Let's get to the action:

- Looks like a Jack episode- Matthew Fox already has his shirt off. Great.
- Hmm... weird scar on his lower abdomen. Relationship to the other timeline? Yep. It's his appendix scar.
- Christian isn't the only thing missing- his will is also missing.
- Jack is still rocking his beat up Jeep. Whoa! Jack has a kid and his name is David! More biblical names if you're into that kind of thing.
- Dogen and Jack are being "honest" with each other.
- Ha! Jacob at the fountain. He needs Hurley and he tells him to get a pen. Finally someone is talking sense on this damn show!
- Hugo is wearing a red shirt mocking the "red shirts" from Star Trek that would travel with Kirk down to a planet and inevitably get killed. Hurley is officially the safest guy on the island.
- David seems to be a little punk. Though I wouldn't be surprised Jack and David are just now getting re-acquainted.
- Jack's trying to atone for some issues the two of them have together.
- Sayid isn't a zombie... yet.
- Jack tells Sayid about the jagged little pill he didn't take. Too bad Alanis Morissette couldn't have taken that pill.
- Finally, after two seasons, Claire is back in business. Miss "I'm going to wander off into the jungle" doesn't seem to remember that she bounced, not the other 815ers.
- Hurley is found by Dogen, and Hugo tells him he's a candidate and Dogen curses his mother and leaves.
- Now Jack needs some convincing to go on this mysterious adventure.
- "You have what it takes." Nice inspiration speech, John Wooden.
- Claire is not at all phased that Jin can speak English. At least Jin is phased by his huge bear-trap wound.
- That is the grossest baby I've ever seen. It looks like the Rock had sex with a Muppet!
- The black dude is making some sense. Claire is looked ragged and crazy- and probably will kill both him and Jin.
- Kate, Jack and Hurley- this is like the Pixies reunion. Looks like they broke up already.
- Hurley is pretty damn funny. "Hey Jack, the Live Links Girl you've been pining after for five plus years is extra baggage..."
- Jack and his mom are looking for the will. Jack refuses a drink. Very important to the overall story.
- Christian's will is found... and Jack finds out that Claire is his sister all over again.
- Cute Claire with Charlie and an empty peanut butter jar was much more comfortable.
- Who is her friend? Locke? He's nobody's friend (@Rae- MIB is evil. Deal with it.)
- Back to Hurley and Jack- Hugo apologizes for "wrecking his game with Kate."
- Shannon's Ass-Mar inhaler. Aaaaand we're back at the caves.
- Jack sees his father's coffin. I'm enjoying this scene, it feels like we're getting back in touch with Season 1. Going back to our roots.
- Where's David? Jack is inspecting at David's mom's house... using the extra key. And David isn't there either. Hmmmm...
- David seems to be quite the musician.
- Jack listened to his own message and gets emotional. Doesn't seem to be too bad a dad.
- Hurley comments about this situation being "old school." My thought exactly.
- Jack admits he was broken and he thought the island could fix him. But he's lost his faith again.
- The Lighthouse- it's beautiful. Jack points out the obvious fact that they probably should have seen it previously.
- Claire learns the truth about Aaron. And she's not taking it well. Why's the black guy always got to die?!!?
- Hurley and Jack enter the Lighthouse. I'm predicting a "Bodies" exhibit. It seems like a museum.
- Jack breaks down the door. Maybe that's why he was supposed to go with Hurley.
- Jack is showing up unannounced to David's recital. Maybe not the best idea. He's unreal at piano... playing the BLACK and WHITE keys.
- Dogen is in the HIZ-OUSE! Damn him for being a good and present dad!
- Hurley is lying to Jack... I can't imagine Jack will like that.
- I did see "108" on that chicken scratch on Hurley's arm.
- Jack sees their names on the board. They turn it to 23 degrees and Jack sees his house.
- Jack is freaking out. Oh snap. There's no way that could've been good Jack. Uhhh... making things easier for MIB? I've got a bad feeling on that one.
- Back to reality (or is it?) Jack talks to David after the recital.
- "I didn't want you to see me fail." Ouch, it hits hard. Jack- you have what it takes.
- Jack is redeeming himself right now. Break the cycle of daddy issues on LOST!
- David's all smiles now. If only parenting was always that easy.
- Jacob is back and he's very aloof. Maybe he did want the Lighthouse mirrors to get smashed.
- Jacob is one big destiny guy. Uuuuh... too late for the Temple-Folks? That ain't good.
- Jin is getting crafty with Claire. You speak English with a slick tongue Mr. Kwon.

GREAT Episode! I really enjoyed it. I hope the Smoke Monster takes fools apart at the Temple! One question though... Sayid is still there. Does Jacob need him dead now, or did he purposefully keep Sayid at the Temple for some other purpose? And what about Miles? When Jack finally embraces his destiny, that will probably be the payoff of the show.


Rae said...

2 Alanis Morissette jokes in a row???

Not everyone can make fake rock muppet babies as well as you, Tony.

I don't think MIB is GOOD. I just think Jacob is the evil one. Or shall we say selfish.

Have you seen the "Bodies" exhibit? SO GOOD.

Who is about to show up to the temple and what bad is going to happen???

Tony B. said...

I'm guess the Man In Black is coming to the Temple, and he's going to tear them up! Their Temple defense included ash, which is why I'm at that conclusion.

GMoney said...

I'm just commenting to keep my comment streak going. Nothing to see here.