Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST: The Substitute

Last week's episode was ok, but I do have a feeling tonight will be more exciting. With no Man In Black/Ben/Alpert scenes last week, I have to assume we'll catch up with that party this week. Let's get it on!

- Sweet suburb life. Are we watching "My Blue Heaven" or LOST?
- Locke flash-sideways shows him getting out of his van- the motor is busted. He fell out of his wheelchair and the sprinklers went off. Helen is back, and it looks like they are getting married. Terry O'Quinn plays Al Bundy.
- Locke is lying already about his Australia trip. Peggy Bundy found Jack's card and encourages Locke to call him, further advancing the plot.
- Wow. First person view of the Smoke Monster. Talk about a fun possible video game. Doom featuring Smokie.
- Smokie is back in FLocke form. He cuts Alpert down from a tree, then tells him it's "time to talk." I have to agree with him.
- Locke is back to work bound in his wheelchair. The bossman is pissed. Locke never went to a conference. Where was he? Hookers and booze?
- Locke just got fired like Future Marty McFly when he did an illegal deal with Needles.
- A candidate? Speak some English guys.
- Information Blue Balls again. Alpert denies FLocke's offer. Then FLocke sees a child in the distance. We have issues if even the smoke monster is seeing things.
- Ilana is crying in Jacob's home/tomb.
- Ben is slowly but surely back to lying. Ilana is grabbing Jacob's ashes.
- FLocke is "recruiting." For an army? Hopefully he gets better folks than the soldiers from "Stripes." Odd reference, but that movie is hilarious!
- Sawyer is drinking his cares away, listening to rock 'n' roll, and looking like a scorned teenager. I wish he had found some Nirvana to blast.
- Sawyer is drunk and being totally lucid.
- "Why are you on this island?" Answer the question Smokie! Ugh. LOST is all about making us wait for scraps of info.
- Locke gets fired then the Box Company, and then meets the owner- Hurley.
- Hurley is quite confident in the flash sideways, he offers to hook Locke up with a new job.
- Sun wants to bury Locke. Not sure if that matters at this point.
- Back to FLocke and Sawyer, and they both see a kid running through the jungle. Uhhh, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Looks like Smokie is taking up Locke's old slogan. That's a literary device called "irony." Remember, Alanis More-Upset once wrote a song about it.
- Alpert finds Sawyer and encourages Sawyer to go back to the Temple. Sawyer declines... for the moment.
- "What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?" Maybe a cat? I like naps, so I figure that might be a good match.
- Rose is the boss at the temp agency. She's dropping serious realistic knowledge on Locke. Hits him like a ton of wheelchairs- oh!
- Smokie has never read "Of Mice and Men?" What the hell? No high school English for this guy?
- Sawyer doesn't shoot FLocke, which is probably a good thing at this point.
- The mismatched group of Aijira 316 passengers are carrying Locke's body to the grave yard. That sucks. Ben volunteers to talk- wow, excellent eulogy from the man who murdered Locke.
- Flashsideways, Locke still can't walk, but he is going to call up Dr. Jack. Wait, he's still a pansy.
- The lost luggage arrives. Great- this fool has his knives back.
- Locke comes clean about the Sydney trip, and shows Helen knives.
- The Man of Faith has lost his way, but Helen is hopefully bringing him back to the righteous path.
- Nice rickety ladder. No chance I'm in on this idea. Sawyer fell from above- barely survived. Nothing worth doing is easy, right?
- What the hell? Nice cave with white and black rocks.
- This island has more secret passageways than Paris Hilton has sexual partners. Looks like numbers and names are carved on the inside of the cave. Thanks for another mystery LOST.
- Locke as a PE teacher? More like substitute teacher... maybe not a bad job for him.
- Ha! Ben Linus is a teacher at the high school? If the kids get out of line, I suppose he can choke them to death with an extension chord.
- Shepherd is number 23- JORDAN!
- They all have numbers assigned to them- the creepy numbers.
- Locke was #4.
- I rarely hate on LOST, but the cut scenes over explaining stuff is pretty lame.
- FLocke is lying his ass off. Though I like the candidate info.

The episode was pretty good, but more questions when you know the show is winding down is quite frustrating. I have a feeling these episodes (this week and last week) will be more interesting once we know more information.

[Started watching it again- missed this the first time. Helen says, "Why don't we get my parents and your dad, and just get married in Vegas." Locke was on good terms with his dad? How did he end up paralyzed!?]


Rae said...

did... did you miss that beside their names were these numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42?

I think this episode is actually supporting MY theory that Jacob was evil and MIB (FLocke) is good! I think the whole "He wants you all dead" means he wants to kill the ISALND parallell so that the part of each character that is stuck there can reunite with their alternate reality character, who are CLEARLY better off without Jacob's touch in their lives...

Tony B. said...

Of course I didn't miss the NUMBERS being next to each of their names. It's just hard to process when there is no explanation further than "Jacob had a thing for numbers," and we don't even see Kate's name up there when she was touched by Jacob.

You don't think there is a possibility that Jacob's touch protected their otherwise doomed lives? Hell, I'm fairly certain Locke was dead having just fallen out of an eighth story window only to be touched by Jacob and come back to life. Hold off on the "CLEARLY" talk until we have more info. Nothing is "CLEAR" when it comes to Lost.

GMoney said...

Needles was always getting Marty in trouble. I loved the Japanese boss:


GMoney said...

Oh, and congrats on UC-Davis's win over Pacific. It was a long time coming.

Tony B. said...

I almost posted about the UCD win over Pacific, however, I wasn't in attendance and initially I felt like us storming the court was like us admitting that we are inferior to Pacific.

However, I re-read the rules to storming the court and found that storming the court is valid if you break a losing streak to a particularly difficult opponent.