Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST: What Kate Does

I have no idea what to expect tonight. In previous seasons, the second episode (I guess this is considered the third episode, but you know what I mean) gives us a breather [read as: not as good] from the rabid pace of the season premiere. I'm hoping this keeps the momentum going- let's get to the action:

- Back at the Temple, we see Lennon walking in a most determined way. "He's alive." These Others don't seem to know exactly what is going on. They're not as confident as we've seen previous Others.
- Sayid has no idea what happened to him. Sawyer is PO'ed about Juliet. I guess I would be mad if my girlfriend was sucked down a tunnel by a pocket of energy, only to blow up a nuke, but survive to be transported to a different time and then die in my arms. Yeah, that would definitely be effed up.
- Sawyer wants out of the Temple- him saying he's going to run to Kate, is like a crack dealer tempting an ex-druggie with... uh... crack.
- In the other timeline, Kate is hijacking the cab with Claire in it. The cabbie bounces like a coward. Now Kate is stealing Claire's belongings and leaving her preggers on the sidewalk. I hate alt. Kate. She seems to care about people as much as Oscar the Grouch cares about hygiene and good living conditions.
- Hurley and Miles are talking hilarious. Miles deems Hugo the "leader" in a sarcastic way. I vote for more Miles. Or maybe a spinoff with Miles and Hurley as the "Odd Couple." They can live in a two bedroom apartment on the beach- cameo by Terry O'Quinn as their cryptic super named "Smokie."
- Jack insists to come with Sayid- now he's asking questions. Jack is just asking what all the viewers want to know. Who the hell are these crazy ass folks? What are they doing?
- Well, Sawyer's gone from the Temple. He was THIS close to redemption, then Juliet dies and he reverts back to "I just don't give a f*** Sawyer."
- Whoa! It's an Aldo sighting- It's Always Sunny At The Temple!
- Kate and Jin are going to try to bring Sawyer back. Even this Kate seems different. Jeez- we've got some tectonic character shifts.
- This mechanic does not care- "Hey murderer, come on in- let me take off your handcuffs and feel free to change in the back."
- I bet you've noticed the different noise going back and forth between the parallel timelines.
- Jack and Kate share a nice moment. DENIED! Jack totally leaned in to kiss her! No dice! That happened to me once... ONCE- and she's dead now. Just kidding, it never happened.
- Sayid is laid on the table and Dogen is getting crazy. I think they believe Sayid is the Smoke Monster (that's my guess at least.)
- Just like Season 1, Sayid is getting electrocuted. First a weird French lady, and now a weird Japanese samurai. Karma is a bitch.
- "I just lied to him, didn't I?" Creepiest line thus far. I have a feeling FakeLocke might have something to say about that. [Editor's note: after watching the whole thing- no FLocke, so Lennon wins the creepiest line contest for the night.]
- Kate is back to pick up Claire. So Claire really is giving her baby up for adoption in the other timeline. Doesn't seem right.
- "I'm sorry, is this a press conference?" Aldo's killin' it tonight!
- Rousseau's (can I just spell her name like Rene Russo- that would be easier) been dead for years? Oh right, even I'm getting timelines confused.
- Now Kate is escaping also? I don't think that is going to be good in the long run. All these characters should be at the Temple for a reason.
- Jack is going to the top- "Hey creepy Asian- WTF is going on?"
- Sayid is infected- hey, maybe we'll get some answers to one of the mysteries.
- Dogen is dropping knowledge- even I believe this fool. He could tell me to eat green beans and I would (and I hate green beans.)
- Miles is the man- he'll be at the food court. Enjoy the Sbarro, my friend. I literally LOL'ed.
- Sayid even knows he didn't pass the test- he and Jack are having a great conversation.
- If Jack won't let him take the pill, someone needs to call up Lawrence Fishburne- I know he'd make Sayid take the pill.
- There's no way Claire should give up her baby to people who didn't show up at the airport. No way- bad parenting decision.
- This lady is cracked out- thank goodness she doesn't want the baby anymore.
- She's about to pop, looks like Kate gets to deliver a baby AGAIN.
- Genius idea Sawyer- run on back to the Barracks- the Others will never look there, you moron.
- His plan does not involve rational thinking at this point- he went back to retrieve something.
- Shaq's gotcha back- uh hmmm... Oh, sorry, no commercials should work their way in here [but that jingle is soooo catchy!]
- Ethan is delivering Claire's baby! Oh snap! Great parallel timeline twist. Wow- she names him Aaron as well! Love it.
- This Ethan would get his ass kicked by the Other Ethan.
- Back in island time, Kate wants to find Claire. She might think twice about that once Claire is actually found.
- "Which time?" Sawyer referring to Kate following him into the jungle over and over. Great point with your Han Solo-esque line.
- Sawyer is emotionally taking responsibility for Juliet dying. No joke here, this is a touching scene.
- Sawyer has an engagement ring! Never got to ask Juliet. I doubt he would have asked in a creative way like gluing Scrabble letters to a board.
- Jack up in the top floor of the Temple with Dogen.
- Jack takes the pill and Dogen freaks out. "Poison." So much for all that "I can't explain what's actually in it" bullshit.
- Claire's in the hospital- don't talk to the cops you rat!
- Way to cover for the convict- don't come out! It's a trap (hopefully not.)
- Kate is innocent? Interesting...
- Pretty touching scene between Kate and Claire. That's twice Kate has been involved in scenes with powerful acting where the other person carried the load.
- Jack [almost] swallowed the poison pill [then Dogen made him cough it back up] and now he wants answers.
- "Sayid has been Claimed." That sounds scary. Can the Monster really have an affect on Sayid in the Temple.
- "It happened to your sister." My.Mind.Is.Blown.
- OOOOH! Bear trap!
- Claire is the new Rousseau. Get after it Jungle-Lady.

I think the episode was a bit slow moving, and suffered from "Episode 2" syndrome, but all in all, it still have some great reveals and was excellent. I'll give it an 8 out of 10 (which is a score that is balanced to LOST standards making it a 108 out of 10 compared to other shows.)

Can't wait for next week... as always.


Rae said...

Holy H-bomb.

Ok, yes, Sawyer is Kate's herion. Jack is her methadon, but he's preoccupied with an infected Iraqi. Cut the man some slack.

That Matrix joke SLAYED me.

I doubt the Dharma group had scrabble. Sorry, not every Sawyer can be a Tony B.

And I think Kate always claimed innocence - she says it was self-defense to get him out of their lives...

Good review for a decent episode. I hope next week comes back with some answers about infection...

Tony B. said...

I can't imagine that they won't address the infection a little further, especially with the intro of crazy Claire.

No LOST episode can escape the Second Episode of the Season syndrome. I just has to slow things down a bit. It's like the pace car in NASCAR (although I know next to nothing about car racing, so maybe I'm wrong.)

GMoney said...

Is it true that Mac from It's Always Sunny was on last night?

Tony B. said...

Yep. He got shot, too. Just like real Philly.

GMoney said...

Is he credible on a serious show like that or did you see him as Mac the whole time and expected him to showcase his karate moves and cat eyes?

Tony B. said...

I think he could've been creditable, but his character was being a douche. It would be interesting to see him do something more serious (or he could continue It's Always Sunny... forever.)