Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, John Mayer...

That "Oh" is like a sigh made in disappointment. The once young and promising singer/songwriter has gotten himself into a heap of trouble recently. During an interview with Playboy Magazine he compared his penis to a white supremacist and used the N-word. Oops. He also talked about his sexual exploits with Jessica Simpson (far less interesting, but still worth a mention.)

I have two complaints on this situation. My first is obviously with John Mayer. John, what the hell are you doing? You are a skinny white dude that happens to be a millionaire due to your talent on the six string. You seem to be a decently funny guy, but just because half of your band is African American and you have a couple Black friends, doesn't mean the public is going to give you a pass when you use the N-word in an interview done by a nudie-magazine.

On the contrary, people generally become outraged with someone who thinks they are bigger and better than the rest of society- and by you thinking you can get away with stuff like this, you clearly think that. Does it even matter what context it was used in? Nope. Does it even matter if you actually believe what you were saying? Nope. As a public figure, you should know that there are certain words that should be put in a wooden crate, stored "someplace safe," and studied by "top men." In other words, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND PLAY YOUR GUITAR. At times, I've definitely found you funny, Mr. Mayer, but as the years fly by, your goofy, ultra-cocky act becomes tired. You're not bigger than the rest of us, stop alienating people and figure your stuff out.

On the flip side, let me take to task the public. We are a confusing bunch. The media allows us to judge and destroy people, only to build them back up like they are our personal soap opera. Celebrities that say all the right things (Kobe before he raped- 'scuse me, was accused of raping someone and Tiger Woods before his sex scandal) are considered extremely boring and uninteresting. Then, as soon as they do something wrong, the media jumps on them like a pack of wild dogs attacking a scrap of meat. We complain about how boring they are, then chastise them for making a mistake that ultimately entertains us. We want to know the inner thoughts of the celebrities with love or hate, but bash them when they actually give a candid interview. It's quite a vicious cycle.

There's almost no way to stop this madness, and on a certain level, maybe this madness helps increase the level of celebrity that various people enjoy. As the media machine turns and people continue eating up celebrity gossip like Kobayashi pounds down hot dogs, we will keep paving the way for regretful tales like this one from John Mayer.

If you're interested, John Mayer apologized during a concert on Wednesday. I have a feeling it was genuine, but then again, he rattled on with regret providing us with just another soundbite to listen to. This makes me think that he is legitimately sorry for what he said, but will not change his long winded, douchey ways for the long haul. Here's the apology:

Can you believe I just wrote a blog about John Mayer using the N-word? Ugh. Me neither. But now that it's done, I'd like to make an apology to anyone who just read my blog today... [tear.]


GMoney said...

It's times like these when I'm glad that I've always found John Mayer insufferable and annoying. When Chris Griffin was doing whatever his zit told him to do and he painted "That's enough, John Mayer" on a brick wall, truer words were never written.

And I find his music lame, too. A musical titan like Nikki Sixx would never do something like else. He would just die for a few minutes and be brought back to life.

Rae said...

wow. you legitimately read it for the articles...

Tony B. said...

G$ is bringing it today with 80s hair metal references. Love it.

I will say, JM had the 1 episode John Mayer Show on VH1 which was pretty funny. It's been downhill since then.

Rae, I unfortunately did not have the physical magazine. I know how disappointing that is.