Monday, March 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Nut Shot Edition

My weekend wasn't all that eventful. I was pretty wiped out from playing two 3+ hours shows on Thursday and Friday. And yet, the weekend ended with a bang- literally.

- Friday night's show at the Boxing Donkey was great. It usually is pretty fun, but occasionally (near the end of the night) drunk people will get pushy about what songs they want me to play, and I have to get creative on how to a) appease them when I don't know the song or songs they want me to play and b) do it in a way that does not involve me rudely telling them to screw off. Friday night's crowd was excellent. Everyone was pleased with the selections of songs. Even if I didn't know a request, my next song would usually appease the friendly requester. Definitely come up to Roseville for a show if you haven't been yet, it's a solid time.

- Julius Peppers to the Chicago Bears! I like it. This obviously doesn't solve their offensive line issues, but Peppers will improve their defense immensely. Keep in mind, Brian Urlacher will also be coming back this year to sure up the linebacking core that was left vulnerable last year (Nick Roach? Ugh.) I know that the Packers and Vikings will both be good this year, and that the Lions have done well in free agency, but the Bears will be a force to be reckoned with as well.

- Did anyone see Jimmy Fallon on Friday night? Didn't think so. He couldn't get the Saved By The Bell reunion together, but he did manage to get together the cast of another "great" show:

- Well, as many of you could have seen on Facebook last night, I got smashed in the nuts playing basketball. I currently am still queezy as this was the most devastating nut shot I can remember in my life. Basically, I had my arms up in the middle of the key, took a charge, though the guy going through the lane came through with his knee up. I liken it to the Tiger Knee that Sagat did in Street Fighter II. His knee hit my balls flushed. Like a baseball bat hitting a ball squarely on the head of a bat. Ouch.

- Tomorrow we'll talk about my fantasy baseball draft. I think I did fairly well, but I'll let you judge for yourself tomorrow. See you then.

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